During CNN’s town hall on Wednesday, NRA representative Dana Loesch was repeatedly accused of being a murderer.

From The Wrap:

Shouting started early in the discussion when Loesch tried to compliment the Stoneman Douglas students, who have spoken out about gun control since the shooting last week. Saying that they have shown they could go far in life, an audience member interrupted by shouting, “If they live that long!”

Audience members continued to shout at Loesch as she defended the NRA’s position against gun control. More than once, someone interrupted Loesch by shouting, “You’re a murderer!”

Watch the whole clip, the specific shout was around 2:55.

Loesch, who is not a murderer, was accused of being a murderer throughout the event because she supports the Second Amendment.

She was also jeered while telling the story of a rape survivor who wished she was armed so she could have defended herself:

Florida school shooting survivor and “March For Our Lives” founder Cameron Kasky similarly told Marco Rubio that when he looks at him he sees mass murderer Nikolas Cruz and an AR-15.

Florida school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky compares Marco Rubio to mass murderer Nikolas Cruz: "It’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz." #StudentsStandUp #CNNTownHall pic.twitter.com/PbFF8Fu4pe

— Chris Menahan ? (@infolibnews) February 22, 2018

If these kids are the future of politics, then the future of politics will consist of uninformed children accusing everyone who disagrees with them of being murders and serial killers.

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