Republican or Democrat, there’s one thing most people could probably agree on during the impeachments hearings investigating President Donald Trump: Coffee is necessary.

This seemed to be particularly true for a woman who caught the eye of viewers when she really (like, really) threw back a cup of joe in the background of the live shot of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as he testified at Tuesday’s hearing.

Watching this mysterious woman chug her coffee, notice she’s on camera, and then finish chugging it is a lot more interesting than the actual testimony. #ImpeachmentHearing #impeachment #CNN

— Patrick Ward (@Spaz696969) November 19, 2019

Slate writer Heather Schwedel later identified the mysterious coffee-lover as McClatchy congressional reporter Emma Dumain.

Dumain told Schwedel about that moment of intense coffee drainage and answered some questions for her new internet fans, which included whether the coffee was really that good and what was actually in her cup.

Alexa, could you please find me the best tasting coffee known to humankind?

— Michael Gravesande (@OldBlackHack) November 19, 2019

You think that’s coffee?! Lol

— a girl has no name. ☮️ (@spur4trish) November 19, 2019

“Coffee.” It’s probably whiskey.

— Dr. Sarah Hanisko (@anothermommess) November 19, 2019

Dumain confirmed that yes, it was really coffee, purchased from the Union Station Pret a Manger in Washington, D.C. And no, she didn’t think it was that great, but she likes the chain’s oatmeal.

“I really wanted to get every last drop,” she told Slate. “It necessitated a dramatic tilt of the tall narrow cup. But no, I don’t typically drink coffee in a dramatic fashion like that.”

Dumain also said she had no idea she was on camera, but quickly found out when she started getting text messages from her friends, colleagues and husband about her newfound following.

Explaining that she’s got a 19-month-old at home who woke up a little before 6, she added, “I’m just a tired workin’ mom trying to do it all.”

This is not the first incident of beverage-related impeachment humor: State Department official George Kent’s giant Nalgene water bottle stole the show at the first public impeachment hearing last week.

Here are some reactions to the latest impeachment hearing star:

When the coffee is just that good

— Colin Jones (@colinjones) November 19, 2019

That woman drinking coffee is all of us #ImpeachmentHearing

— Cornfieldgirl 🌊🏳️‍🌈 (@cornfieldgirl) November 19, 2019

Staffers are pounding coffee behind #ImpeachmentHearing #CoffeeGirl

— Greg Grunberg (@greggrunberg) November 19, 2019

The lady downing the coffee behind Lt Col Vindman is my hero. #ImpeachmentHearing

— Cheeto Dust (@PrplPolitics117) November 19, 2019

And some final words from impeachment coffee lady herself, who was just grateful her story could be shared:

Thank you @heathertwit for sharing my story with the world:

— Emma Dumain (@Emma_Dumain) November 20, 2019 Download REAL LIFE. REAL NEWS. REAL VOICES. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus

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