A police investigation is currently underway in Massachusetts after a man says he witnessed someone urinating on several American flags at a veterans’ cemetery.

In a Facebook post Monday, 53-year-old George Gatteny described driving next to the Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery and seeing a group of people grabbing numerous small flags.

“I saw them grab the 3 or 4 mini flags that were placed in from of the statue,” Gatteny wrote. “The guy took the flags and tossed them behind the statue.”

Gatteny says what he saw next pushed him to exit his vehicle and approach the World War II memorial.

“The guy started urinating on the flags,” Gatteny said. “I quickly pulled over, got out of my car and headed over to them.”

The man reportedly stopped urinating, pulled up his pants and began to leave the scene with a female after being confronted.

“Both of them walked up Broadway laughing. I walked behind them for awhile telling everyone I pass what they did,” Gatteny added. “I went back to the memorial to see what damage was done. An older gentleman came over and thanked me for taking a stand. He told me he has 2 friends buried there.”

Gatteny says he then began driving around the area in order to find and get photos of those involved.

“They were across the street and I snapped a few photos from my car,” Gatteny said. “What possible reason could they have for desecrating a WW2 Memorial??”

The photos of the suspects and the damaged flags were eventually turned over to law enforcement.

In a statement to WCVB5, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone confirmed that a police investigation was ongoing.

“If these allegations are true, they are offensive not only to our community and our own veterans, but to our entire nation and those who served and continue to serve,” Curtatone said. “Following the full investigation by the Somerville Police Department, I am confident that anyone who may be found guilty will be held fully responsible for these despicable actions.”

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