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Commuting to the office five days a week is going to be a thing of the past for many workers.While we’ve seen some companies embrace fully-remote work and others itching to get back to the office full-time, many employers are falling somewhere in the middle with a hybrid model of remote and in-office work.This model gives workers a lot of flexibility with their schedule. But it’s easier said than done.To make it work, here’s what needs to happen:Read MoreCommunication. A lot of it. Managers need to set clear priorities and goals while employees need to be transparent about their availability and provide regular updates on their progress. Set clear expectations. Companies need to have consistent policies when it comes to where employees can work. Some companies will want a set schedule from workers on when they will be remote versus in the office, while others might be comfortable with an ad hoc approach.Troubleshoot tech. Make sure employees can move their work seamlessly from the office to their home. Nothing stops productivity faster than tech issues. Read more about what a hybrid workforce might look like.How to help an unemployed friendWhen someone you know loses their job, you want to be supportive. But where do you start?A fun meal with perhaps an adult beverage (or two) can help. But that experience really isn’t the same in the time of social distancing.Dorie Chevlen at The New York Times’ Wirecutter asked experts for their advice on the best ways to be helpful: Offer financial help. Giving money can help a person make ends meet, but it can also be awkward. Try sending a gift card to a nearby grocery store or restaurant. Or Venmo money with a note like “drinks/dinner on us!” and then let your friend decide how to spend the money.Assist with the job hunt. Sending job postings might be annoying. But sharing contacts, making introductions or reviewing a résumé are all useful.Check in, but don’t smother. Job searches can be long, and it’s nice to continue to check in. But don’t go overboard with prying questions and requests for updates.Get more tips here.Nice people don’t finish lastIn case you need a reminder: Don’t be a jerk.A new study published earlier this week found that people who tend to be hostile, deceptive and manipulative for their own gain, while ignoring others’ concerns and welfare, may not reach any greater power in the office than people who are both dominant and sociable, writes CNN’s Kristen Rogers.But that doesn’t mean jerks don’t end up at the top of the org chart — it just didn’t help them get there.Read more about the study here.When the wheels aren’t going round Those fortunate enough to work from home during the pandemic are seeing some unexpected returns in terms of time and money by staying put, reports CNN Business’ Anneken Tappe.Let’s look at the numbers:Americans traveled almost 37 billion less miles in June compared to June 2019, according to the Federal Highway Administration.Workers who used to commute by car but are now working from home are saving a total of $758 million per day, according to research from freelancing platform Upwork.Commute times have been rising for a long time: In 2018, Americans spent an average of 54.2 minutes commuting daily, according to Upwork economist Adam Ozimek.Check out the full story.Coffee break If you’re working from home, you probably aren’t getting up and moving around as much as you were at work. (Unless you’re also wrangling little ones.)Long-term sitting can be harmful to your health, including increased blood pressure, increased risk for obesity and high blood sugar, writes Stephanie Mansour, host of “Step It Up With Steph” on PBS.But it doesn’t take much to get things going. Mansour designed this five-minute chair workout that aims to help improve mobility and get your heart rate up.I am already wearing workout attire almost daily — might as well put it to good use! Check out the midday workout plan here.

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