A couple in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, scored an original wedding photo over the weekend.

Bride Sarina Thompson and groom Cory Brewer were enjoying their wedding photo shoot in an outdoor venue near the Great Smoky Mountains when their photographer Leah McMahan noticed a large black bear in the background of the shot:

McMahan told HuffPost she and the couple moved away to finish the shoot, but the bear then proceeded to walk down the aisle. She said she wasn’t afraid at all until it began making a “huffing” noise and heading in her direction.

“At this point, I am beyond scared lol. He jacked my heart rate up to Jesus,” McMahan said.

“Anyway, it was probably the most adventurous photo session I have done,” she added.

McMahan shared a series of images of her “wedding shoot” on Facebook, calling the uninvited guest a “monsterous photo bomber.”

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