A hitherto unknown detail about the iconic poster for hit 1999 movie “American Beauty” has emerged 20 years on, and it’s fascinating fans online.

“Mad Men” and “Good Girls” star Christina Hendricks revealed Thursday how she literally had a hand in on it. “I used to be a model and sometimes a hand model…. this is my hand and another model’s stomach,” she wrote on Instagram. “Proud to be a part if this film in ANY WAY!!!”

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A post shared by Christina Hendricks (@actuallychristinahendricks) on Aug 22, 2019 at 5:01pm PDT

The revelation stunned Hendricks’ followers, including fellow celebrities:

“American Beauty” scooped five Academy Awards with Kevin Spacey ― who has since faced allegations of sexual misconduct, which he denies ― scoring the gong for Best Actor.

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