Finding a media member who approves of President Trump, is a rare thing. Finding a sports media member in New York City who approves of President Trump, is almost unheard of.

However, such a person exists, and he’s making himself heard right now.

Sid Rosenberg, co-host of Bernie and Sid in the Morning and Sid Sports Sunday on 77 WABC in New York City, sat down to speak with Breitbart Sports Editor Dylan Gwinn on Saturday. Rosenberg is a talk radio veteran who has spent decades talking to his “Sidizens,” about sports. Though, Rosenberg’s opinions aren’t confined to sports.

The Brooklyn-native sets himself apart from just about everyone else in his industry, by his willingness to voice public approval and support for President Trump. While Rosenberg is no apologist for the president, the former WFAN host isn’t afraid to credit the commander in chief for a successful economy and strong foreign policy.

In fact, it doesn’t appear there’s anything Rosenberg is afraid to say. As the former Miami radio host dishes out occasional criticism of Trump and Fox News, while also blasting the bias and divisive tactics of the mainstream media.

While technical difficulties prevented Dylan Gwinn from being shown in the Skype interview, Rosenberg can be seen and heard as he delivers his no-nonsense take on the world of politics, sports, and media, the way only he can.


Bernie and Sid in the Morning can be heard from 6-10 am EST, Monday through Friday on 77 WABC.

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