Voters in Maricopa County, Arizona, showed up on November 4 to protest at the Maricopa County Elections Department office as allegations of election fraud and irregularities circulate following the November 3 presidential election.

About 150 voters, and potentially more, arrived at the election office to protest. They broke out in chants of “Fox News sucks!” and “Shame on Fox!” after the Fox News Channel called the state of Arizona for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

There remain more than 600,000 votes still uncounted in Arizona, according to state election officials, and Trump only trails Biden by about 14,000 votes. The Trump campaign has said they are confident outstanding votes will help them take the state from Biden.

Voters are planning to gather in multiple swing state counties — including Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; Detroit, Michigan; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — demanding open, transparent, and accurate counts of votes.

Trump supporters are outside of the Maricopa County Elections Department demanding to be let inside as ballots are being counted. #azfamily #Election2020

— Kim Powell (@KimPowellTV) November 5, 2020

Just walked out of the Maricopa County Elections Office to this where a large extremist group has re-gathered, extremely angry yelling “count those votes” and screaming at the media and others in the area.

They are angry claiming an unfair election and broken system. #azfamily

— Briana Whitney (@BrianaWhitney) November 5, 2020

MSNBC is scared to death of this pro-Trump crowd outside where votes are counted in Maricopa County. This is what the double standard looks like – listen as this crowd is being treated like a mob that's about to commit mass violence, infect people w/COVID, and who knows what else

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) November 5, 2020

State Rep Kelly Townsend is speaking to Trump supporters and now taking questions.

— Justin Lum (@jlumfox10) November 5, 2020

(Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images)

(Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images)

(Courtney Pedroza/Getty Images)

.@DrPaulGosar has just arrived to the rally. #fox10phoenix #Elections2020

— Justin Lum (@jlumfox10) November 5, 2020

Right wing activists are protesting outside the Maricopa County Elections Dept. Reminder— the county is counting the votes tonight in battleground #Arizona

— Kyung Lah (@KyungLahCNN) November 5, 2020

Protestors showing up outside Maricopa County Elections office talking about #SharpieGate Biden supporters are here too. Heavy deputy presence.

— Bailey Miller (@BMillerFOX10) November 5, 2020

Biden and Trump supporters gathering outside the Maricopa County Elections office. It’s getting heated at times. I’m told some people showed up to demand answers about the sharpie they used on their ballot.Heavy deputy presence.

— Bailey Miller (@BMillerFOX10) November 5, 2020

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