The only real thing that happened after LeBron James flopped during yesterday’s playoff game was the near fight that occurred after it happened.

Yes, LeBron’s flop was so shameless and terrible that grown men nearly came to blows because of it.

See for yourself:

Players had to be separated after a CP3 loose ball foul on LeBron.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 23, 2021

If there were a flopping safety word that would make all of this stop, everyone should be screaming it right now.

Chris Paul is a much, much smaller human than LeBron James. There really is no scientific way in which Paul could have caused injury to James in this scenario. Yet, there is “The King,” writhing on the floor as his Laker teammates attempted to defend their leader’s “honor.”

Outrage online caused “LeFlop” to begin trending.

LeFlop is trending. 😂

— Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) May 23, 2021


— Rob / sad Houston sports fan (@Houst0n4L) May 23, 2021

Why does Lebron James flop? He’s soo good I don’t understand why he resorts to that. #leflop

— ScoShow (@scoshow23) May 23, 2021

And of course, none better than this:


— Dr. SEC (@thedrsec) May 23, 2021

If there’s any consolation, the Lakers lost to the Suns 99-90. It’s probably safe to say that LeBron James has done more to expand the Phoenix Suns fanbase than the Phoenix Suns have ever done.

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