Iowa State gave Oklahoma an unforgettable fight in the Big 12 championship game on Saturday. And though their efforts fell short, no one will soon forget the legendary meltdown by Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell.

On 4th & 2 from the Oklahoma 34-yard line, the Cyclones attempted to draw the Sooners offsides. When the officials failed to call offsides on the Sooners, Campbell unleashed a tirade of epic proportions at the officials.

Matt Campbell, super mad.

— Ryan Glasspiegel (@sportsrapport) December 19, 2020

Matt Campbell LOST IT after there was no offside call on this play ὄ

— ESPN (@espn) December 19, 2020

The Internet reacted with great enthusiasm to Campbell’s outburst:

Find something you love as much as Matt Campbell loves arguing non-existent penalties.

— Blinkin Riley (@blinkinriley) December 19, 2020

Me when one of the boys shows up with Miller Lite instead of Busch Light

— Colton Denning (@Dubsco) December 19, 2020

When you know your brother Buzz ate the last of the cheese pizza on purpose

— Travis Hines (@TravisHines21) December 19, 2020

Campbell has led a resurgence in Iowa State football. A resurgence that, unfortunately for Cyclones fans, did not result in a Big 12 championship this year. Though, the future looks bright in Ames, Iowa. And if it’s any consolation to Iowa State, they know their coach cares.

He cares an awful lot.

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