This year’s holiday ads are a perfect antidote to the year from hell.

And one way or another, they find ways to address the big C-word of 2020: coronavirus.

In a year dominated by the pandemic, some businesses tackled the public health crisis head on in their holiday spots.

British supermarket Tesco decided with its tongue-in-cheek commercial that there was “no naughty list” this season ― even for those who forgot to properly wash their hands ― because of the difficulties endured by many.

Amazon, meanwhile, told the tale of a determined ballet dancer who gets to perform, albeit in a socially distanced style.

Other companies acknowledged the health emergency in more subtle ways, such as British department store John Lewis’ animated acts of kindness:

Check out the other holiday ads below. We’ll add more as they arrive.

1 Give With All Your Heart (Kohl’s) 2 Inner Child (McDonald’s UK) 3 We Believe (SuperValu) 4 From Our Family To Yours (Disney UK) 5 Christmas Is What You Make It (Hobby Lobby) 6 Realizing What Really Matters (Home Store + More) 7 And I Think To Myself (Lego) 8 Christmas Is This Very Moment ( 9 The Lil’ Goat (TK Maxx) 10 Make It A Christmas To Remember (Toys ‘R’ Us Australia) 11 A Sausage CaRoll (Walkers Crisps) 12 Kevin’s Out In The Cold (Aldi) 13 The Night (Way) Before Christmas (Westfield AU) 14 Making Christmas Special (Morrisons) 15 A Comfy Carol With Wallace & Gromit (DFS) 16 We Will Hug Again (Zalando) 17 Elephant Trail (WWF) 18 Mince Pie Dancer (Dobbies Garden Centres) 19 Gucci Gift 2020 (Gucci) 20 We’re All Homemakers (Woodie’s) 21 Big On A Christmas You Can Believe In (Lidl) 22 Gift Like You Mean It: New Guy (Etsy) 23 Gravy Song (Sainsbury’s) 24 An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy (Argos) 25 Father Christmas To The Rescue (Barbour) 26 Fake Shake (Dreamies) 27 Christmas Is On (Deliveroo) 28 Perfect Portions (Sainsbury’s) RELATED… 2016's Holiday Ads Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Everything In Between 2017's Holiday Ads Will Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside 2018's Holiday Ads Will Help You Forget The News Cycle Of Doom 2019's Holiday Ads Will Give You All The Festive Feels Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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