A video clip showed San Francisco’s homelessness problem front and center Thursday as two people fought on a sidewalk.

Social media user J. Terrell Allen said he witnessed the incident while walking through the SoMa area, the New York Post reported Friday.

In the video, two men were seen rolling around in the trash on the sidewalk as one person nearby appeared to break up the fight with a broom:

On my evening walk. SOMA isn’t safe. Just happened. This is disgusting @MattHaneySF. I’ve written to your office and you and failed to take action. Why??? Is it worth your time? pic.twitter.com/cLwAtb4ZGU

— J. (@jterrell) September 9, 2022

Two individuals also tried to stop the pair as others merely watched. One of the men, not wearing a shirt, eventually broke free of the other man and moved away toward the street.

Meanwhile, social media users expressed their opinions of the scene.

“How can progressives just ignore this? Is it because they’d have to accept their policies caused it?” one person commented.

“They have created exactly what they had hoped for. Maybe reconsider who you vote into office,” someone else wrote.

“This is your city on democrat leadership,” yet another commented.

In August, a business group penned a letter to San Francisco officials and threatened to stop paying taxes if the city did not address issues such as the homeless problem.

The Castro Merchant Association’s co-president, Terrance Alan, said, “Every day we wake up and have to help people on the street. We have to clean up feces on the street. We have to clear … people from doorways, so we can open our businesses. It’s not fair.”

Meanwhile, parents in San Francisco were upset because a homeless encampment was blocking the sidewalk near their children’s school, KTVU reported August 12.

Video footage showed piles of blankets, boxes, trash bags, and other debris propped against a building:

“I’m disappointed that we can’t do better for the children here who want to access their school,” Marshall Elementary parent Danielle Swaney told the outlet.

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