David Icke spoke in London, England on Saturday for the “Unite For Freedom” anti-lockdown rally to expose the establishment’s desire to keep the masses isolated and scared using the coronavirus as the pretext for total control.

“If we go on allowing the psychopaths to dictate our lives, this is not going to end well,” Icke told the cheering crowd. “But if we remember where the power is, then this can end in a dramatically short time. The power is with us.”

Thousands of people gathered at Trafalgar Square to protest the UK’s mandatory mask orders, as well as its restrictions on movement, potentially mandatory vaccines, and the UK’s government’s arbitrary extension of its emergency powers even as COVID deaths continue to fall.

Watch the rest of the live demonstration below:

David Icke breaks down all the parts of the coronavirus lockdown conspiracy imposed upon the world and why it’s meant to usher in an era of global enslavement.

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