The Washington Post’s editorial board spelled out in its latest column why it believes that four more years of Donald Trump as president may irrevocably damage the civic fabric of America.

Trump “is a president who does not so much govern the country as harass it,” the newspaper’s board wrote in the piece published Friday.

In its column ― headlined “Presidents are expected to set the national tone. What we got with Trump has been catastrophic.” — the board recalled Trump’s “repeated use of xenophobic, racist and misogynistic themes and tropes.”

“No postwar president even approached this level of conduct unbecoming the position he holds,” it continued. “Even at his nastiest, Richard M. Nixon generally saved ugly comments about his political foes, the media and minority ethnic groups for the privacy of the Oval Office.”

The board ― which has called out and fact-checked Trump, his administration and his GOP enablers on multiple previous occasions ― concluded with a warning of what may happen if the precedents that Trump has set during his time in office are allowed to continue.

“The necessary condition of reversing the damage to the nation’s civic fabric, though, is denying him another four years in office,” it wrote. “Otherwise, it could be permanent.”

Read the full editorial here.

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