The Washington Post editorial board warned in no uncertain terms what could happen to the United States if President Donald Trump wins reelection.

And in its latest column Friday — headlined “A second Trump term might injure the democratic experiment beyond recovery” — the newspaper’s board also debunked “two huge falsehoods” that Trump will likely tell in a bid to beat Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November.

“One is that the nation, his presidency and, above all, Mr. Trump himself are innocent victims of COVID-19. In fact, his own negligence, ignorance and malpractice turned what would have been a daunting challenge for any president into a national disaster,” wrote the board.

“The other is that there was anything to admire in his record before the virus struck,” it said. “It is true that the economic growth initiated under President Barack Obama had continued, at about the same modest rate. Mr. Trump achieved this growth by ratcheting up America’s deficit and long-term debt to record levels, with a tax cut that showered benefits on the wealthy.”

Ultimately, “history will record Mr. Trump’s presidency as a march of wanton, uninterrupted, tragic destruction,” the board wrote.

Trump had “torched” the country’s “standing in the world, loyalty to allies, commitment to democratic values, constitutional checks and balances, faith in reason and science, concern for Earth’s health, respect for public service, belief in civility and honest debate, beacon to refugees in need, aspirations to equality and diversity and basic decency,” it added.

Read the full editorial here.

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