Brandon Straka, the founder of the WalkAway Campaign, told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Friday that he and a friend faced "anti-gay" attacks from protesters who gathered outside the White House on the final night of the Republican National Convention.

Earlier on Friday, Straka tweeted a video that showed him and colleague Mike Harlow being accosted by people on a Washington D.C. sidewalk. As the video begins, someone can be heard calling Harlow a "f—-t" and apparently spitting at him.


"We were exiting the convention, along with a large group of people, and there was a small group of BLM [Black Lives Matter] hecklers there to harass people as they were walking out," Straka recounted. "The majority of the people exiting went to the right, the two friends of mine and I exited and we went to the left, which ended up being a big mistake.

"We were trying to get back to our hotel and as were walking back to our hotel, four of the people who were with the BLM mob that was harassing the majority of the people as they were leaving was walking down the street, crossing us as we were walking back to the hotel," Straka continued. "And that’s when they started hurling homophobic slurs at us, anti-gay slurs, and then they walked up to Mikey Harlow, spit in his face. They threw a drink at me, threw a cup in my face, and then they acutally hit Libby Albert, the girl that was with me.

"They called us the anti-gay f-word about three or four times, as you can see in that video," he added.


Straka had tweeted that the incident was the first anti-gay attack he had experienced "in probably 10 years."

"I would like to ask some of those in media — gay people like [CNN anchors] Anderson Cooper [and] Don Lemon, and [Bravo host] Andy Cohen — do you have anything to say about the fact that two gay men were attacked last night by Black Lives Matter?" asked Straka, who added that he'd "love to know what you think about that now that two people in your community were attacked by this organization."

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