Jim Carrey roasted President Donald Trump over his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin with his latest artwork shared online Monday.

The actor-artist’s new piece depicts Trump and Putin at their summit in Helsinki, Finland, last week. Trump has his hands down his pants and a caption beside Putin’s head reads, “I Keep The Balls.”

https://t.co/NrLGWEXcRi pic.twitter.com/smxn4WpDMH

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) July 23, 2018

Carrey also encouraged voter registration by linking to the Vote.gov website in his caption, much like he did after sharing this depiction of Trump and Putin last week:

https://t.co/NrLGWEFBsI pic.twitter.com/4Huxjzvr3G

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) July 19, 2018

The “Dumb and Dumber” star has repeatedly used his artistic talents to take aim at the Trump administration, its policies and right-wing figures in recent months. A small sampling of his other works are below:

Putin plants his flag firmly in American soil. pic.twitter.com/xDl78vBrg8

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) July 16, 2018

The GOP spent their July 4th in Moscow. Enough said! REGISTER TO VOTE https://t.co/NrLGWEFBsI pic.twitter.com/g1aTPaHJkY

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) July 5, 2018

So I fixed the controversial TIME Magazine cover. This is much more appropriate. You’re welcome @time pic.twitter.com/VMDtGTj5Zy

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) June 25, 2018

“If the Democrats would just stop the Mueller investigation, build a wall, declare me a God and pass a special law allowing me to marry my hot daughter I wouldn’t have to devour these immigrant babies. It’s terrible what they’re doing. Obstructionists!” pic.twitter.com/LgOejCxRTN

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) June 19, 2018

Christianity, Trump style: “Jesus was a loser. A failed carpenter. He's a savior because he was crucified. I like people that weren't crucified.” https://t.co/NrLGWEXcRi pic.twitter.com/tiSCoPdTpX

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) June 25, 2018

Nothing comforts a federally-abducted refugee child like a photo op with a Slovenian model wearing a coat that says she doesn’t give two craps about your misery. pic.twitter.com/vqO5GyeRRL

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) June 22, 2018


— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) June 13, 2018

"Just take the damn meeting and pretend you’re disarming so we can keep this stooge in the White House for another term. When democracy is dead we’ll give you a seat at the grown-up’s table. You'll be even more famous than the Kim with the big ass." pic.twitter.com/cnDGi6jGYt

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