The revelation in Bob Woodward’s upcoming book that President Donald Trump privately understood the threat posed by COVID-19 while deliberately downplaying its danger in public inspired a raft of viral attack ads on Wednesday.

Trump, in a taped February interview with journalist Woodward for his tell-all “Rage,” slated for release next week, admitted the coronavirus is “more deadly than even your strenuous flus” and “deadly stuff.”

The conservative Lincoln Project, whose Republican members are working to defeat Trump in November’s election, contrasted what Trump said in that and subsequent interviews with Woodward with what he was telling the American public:


— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) September 9, 2020

The video has garnered more than 3.4 million views on Twitter alone.

It’s unclear whether the ad will air on television ― or if it will even have any influence on swing voters in the 2020 election.

The progressive PAC MeidasTouch dubbed Trump a #PretendPresident with this video:

The PAC Really American spelled out why Trump “doesn’t care” in its clip and urged Americans to ”end the nightmare.”

Democratic 2020 nominee Joe Biden’s campaign described Trump’s lies as “unconscionable” with its response:

Donald Trump knew that COVID-19 was dangerous. He knew it was deadly. And he purposely downplayed it.Now, nearly 200,000 Americans are dead.It’s unconscionable.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) September 10, 2020

And Jon Ossoff, the Democratic challenger to Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.), compared Trump’s comments with those of Ossoff’s 2020 election rival:

#TrumpKnew and so did Perdue.

— Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) September 9, 2020 RELATED… Tucker Carlson Throws Lindsey Graham Under The Bus For Trump's Recorded Lies Cable News Hosts Rip Trump’s COVID-19 Lies: ‘Arguably Worst Cover-Up’ In U.S. History Chris Hayes Names The Only Thing People Should Remember About Kellyanne Conway A HuffPost Guide To Coronavirus What should you still be disinfecting to prevent COVID-19? Is it possible you had coronavirus earlier this year? How can you manage your anxiety as coronavirus restrictions lift? Here’s the latest on how long COVID-19 antibodies last. How will COVID-19 change your office? Laid off and lost your health insurance? You have options. Everything you need to know about face masks right now. Find all our coronavirus coverage here. Everyone deserves accurate information about COVID-19. Support journalism without a paywall — and keep it free for everyone — by becoming a HuffPost member today. HuffPost testPromoTitleReplace testPromoDekReplace Join HuffPost Today! No thanks. HuffPost Important conversations are happening now. Add your voice! Join HuffPost Today! Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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