(CNN)Harrowing eyewitness videos shows parachutes spiraling, moments before the Titusville Fire Department in Florida says two skydivers crashed in the front yard of a home.

The department says the men were flown to a trauma center on Wednesday morning following a “skydiving incident.” Photos show a tree limb lying in the front yard of a house, along with the parachutes. Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Sutton told CNN the two men were alert and conscious. A news release on the city of Titusville website says the men are in critical condition and a preliminary investigation shows that there was a “parachute malfunction.”Wendy Nelms, who took one of the videos, says she watched as the skydivers descended. The city news release says the plane took off from Dunn Airport; Nelms says her son and daughter were skydiving with the group from Skydive Space Center that departed from the airport. Nelms’ husband, who she says is an Army veteran with parachuting experience, knew right away those involved were in trouble.Read More”They were flipping in circles going upside down, side to side for about 20 to 30 seconds,” Christina Renfroe, who filmed the incident from a nearby dog park, told CNN. “He then deployed his second chute and it caused them to spin, but they were no longer flipping.”A representative answering the phone at Skydive Space Center would not comment and would not confirm the incident took place. On its website, Skydive Space Center says it offers three types of skydiving: an 11,000-feet jump, Florida’s highest jump of 15,000, and the world’s highest tandem jump at 18,000 feet. According to its Facebook page, they just resumed operations on May 2 after being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.The incident is under investigation.

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