In a new video canvassing young leftist voters, Campus Reform found that the majority opinion is that Kamala Harris is totally unqualified, and has a dreadful record, yet they will vote for the Biden/Harris pairing anyway.

While most of those questioned were not able to name a single thing that qualifies Harris to be vice president, others just straight up admitted they don’t like her.

“I’m from California, so I kind of don’t like her,” said one person, while another added that “Every politician… there’s something dirty about them.”

The students also admitted that Harris’ past as a prosecutor troubled them, in addition to her previous comments when the California Senator said she believed Biden’s accuser in a sexual abuse claim.

In a previous video, Campus Reform found students were less likely to follow through on voting for Harris after finding out she had previously labelled all 18-24 year olds “Stupid”:

Alex Jones breaks down events that everyone will be talking about in 70 days. You heard it here first folks Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and the rest of Democrat criminals plan on contesting the election and anointing Joe Biden president.

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