A progressive veterans group is warning President Donald Trump that he’s lost the support of the U.S. military at the ballot box.

“Donald Trump is panicking,” a new video from VoteVets said. “Finding any excuse to show up in military communities. He knows if the election were held today, he’d lose the military vote in a landslide.”

A new poll from Military Times showed Trump’s favorability rate plunging among both active-duty troops and officers. Perhaps more significantly, 41 percent plan to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden versus 37 percent for Trump.

Vote Vets said there was a simple reason for it.

“Because Donald Trump disrespects those who serve,” the narrator said, then listed all of the ways the president had failed to protect the troops, including the Russian bounty scandal.

“Trump’s refusal to defend America’s national security is dangerous,” the spot noted. ”His refusal to stand up for our troops is humiliating. His threat to deploy active-duty troops against American citizens is unconstitutional.”

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Our military has been repeatedly BETRAYED by Trump.Now he is panicking, using any excuse to show up in military communities. Like today, in Wilmington, NC. But service members know better.Donald Trump, you are going to lose. #TrumpYouLose #TraitorTrump pic.twitter.com/08LhsmbWKn

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