Update: The White House has released a transcript of Tuesday’s press briefing showing Al Jazeera reporter Kimberly Halkett told Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany that she doesn’t “want to engage”, refuting speculation that she called McEnany a “lying bitch.”

Original story below:

A White House press reporter called Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany a “lying bitch” after receiving an answer she didn’t like during Tuesday’s press briefing.

The slur by the reporter, believed to be Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett, came after McEnany answered her question about possible “Russian interference” in the 2020 election, pointing to a Wall Street Journal article about mail-in voting posing a greater risk to the election’s integrity than Russia.

Our @PressSec got called a “lying bitch” on live television… pic.twitter.com/mtbn2xXXn8

— M3thods (@M2Madness) July 21, 2020

“This is getting off track,” the reporter interrupted.

“There are questions about mass mail-out voting, and I know you don’t want to here them which is why you talk over me, but I encourage you to read that op-ed,” McEnany responded.


— Dennis💥 (@fingeroni) July 21, 2020

The reporter then continued prodding, but McEnany tried to move on to another reporter, telling her, “You’ve gotten two questions which is more than some of your colleagues.”

“Ok, you’re a lying bitch,” the reporter snapped.

Halkett denies she cursed out McEnany, claiming she actually told the press secretary, “you don’t want to engage.”

Thanks for asking @charliespiering … there’s a lot of misreporting out there about that briefing. The answer to your question is, I DID NOT. What I said was, “OKAY, YOU DON’T WANT TO ENGAGE.” https://t.co/xmu5YR7gXr

— Kimberly Halkett (@KimberlyHalkett) July 21, 2020

Does the White House Correspondents’ Association condemn this sort of partisan hackery instead of informative journalism?

If they do, will they revoke the reporter’s press credentials, and if not, why not?

This is the kind of behavior that’s become expected of mainstream media reporters just months before a presidential election.

Watch the full exchange with exclusive enhanced audio below:


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