Members of the Cyprus Special Disaster Response Unit search for a suitcase in a man-made lake, near the village of Mitsero outside of the capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday April 29, 2019. Cyprus’ Fire Service chief says poor visibility in the toxic waters of a man-made lake is hampering a search for a suitcase believed to contain human remains, one of seven foreign women and girls that a Cypriot military officer has confessed to killing. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

MITSERO, Cyprus – A Cyprus police spokesman says British experts called in to assist in the east Mediterranean island nation's serial killer case have been brought up to speed on the ongoing probe. Spokesman Andreas Angelides said the experts that Cypriot authorities had invited to advise in the killings of seven foreign women and girls met Tuesday with the chief of police and lead investigators.

Angelides said authorities are working to overcome difficulties in locating two bodies inside a toxic lake where the suspect — a 35-year-old Cypriot army captain — told investigators he dumped them after putting them inside suitcases.

Angelides deflected mounting criticism that police botched the initial missing persons' reports, saying that an internal investigation is underway.

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