A reporter has figured out why U.S. Strategic Command posted a bizarrely incoherent tweet this weekend.

On Sunday night, the government agency freaked out many Twitter users with a now-deleted tweet that only read “;l;;gmlxzssaw.”

U.S. Strategic Command tweeted something on March 28 that looked like a cat had walked across the keyboard.US Strategic Command U.S. Strategic Command tweeted something on March 28 that looked like a cat had walked across the keyboard.

Many Twitter users went “covfefe” over the post, trying to figure out what the tweet meant and whether it related to national security.

Spoiler alert: The reason wasn’t very strategic at all, according to journalist Mikael Thalen, who filed a freedom of information request with the government agency.

Thalen said it appears the Twitter manager for Strategic Command left his computer unattended — allowing a young child access to the keyboard.

Filed a FOIA request with U.S. Strategic Command to see if I could learn anything about their gibberish tweet yesterday. Turns out their Twitter manager left his computer unattended, resulting in his "very young child" commandeering the keyboard. pic.twitter.com/KR07PCyCUM

— Mikael Thalen (@MikaelThalen) March 29, 2021

According to the response Thalen received from Strategic Command, “absolutely nothing nefarious occurred” and the Twitter account was not hacked.

Of course, Twitter users had something to say about the incident.

At least the kid didn't have the launch codes. https://t.co/CNp4qNoalC

— Lauren Weinstein (@laurenweinstein) March 29, 2021

Future History book: The Nuclear disaster in 2022 was caused by… https://t.co/WSN2dCskqR

— Jon Nicosia (@NewsPolitics) March 29, 2021

Some young kid in Nebraska is in big trouble 😂 https://t.co/DDK0jOtObZ pic.twitter.com/9IOWqi1itK

— Jordan Pascale🎙️ #WeMakeWAMU (@JWPascale) March 29, 2021

I was going to bet on a cat! https://t.co/VvTj88QPtG

— Mason Pelt (@masonpelt) March 29, 2021 RELATED… U.S. Strategic Command Posts, Then Quickly Deletes, Mysterious Message Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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