Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is publishing a book about her time working in Donald Trump’s administration.

And critics on Twitter suggested it could be a short read if fact-checkers are involved, given how a cornerstone of McEnany’s tenure was pushing the ex-president’s falsehoods, despite her promise to never lie.

McEnany, now a co-host of Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” announced details about her book — titled “For Such A Time As This: My Faith Journey Through The White House And Beyond” — on social media Tuesday.

SENT!My manuscript has officially been delivered. “For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey through the White House and Beyond”Pre-Order here. Cover reveal soon:

— Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) June 16, 2021

The 65,000-word biography has a December release date.

It will detail McEnany’s “journey to the White House and offer never-before-told anecdotes about what really happened within the Trump administration,” according to promotional material on Amazon.

McEnany described Trump as “awesome,” “a ray of light” and a “really, really cool guy” in her announcement.

While some Twitter users congratulated McEnany on her book deal, others proposed mocking titles and asked if it would be categorized as fiction.

The book can be found next to Ivanka’s clothing at the Dollar store for a mere $.25

— DrEvans1784 (@DrEvans1784) June 16, 2021

Your lie-filled book won’t be read, it will be used as kindling.

— The USA Singers (@TheUSASingers) June 16, 2021

How did your faith journey reconcile with your role in lying to the American public on a daily basis?

— Dan (@DanDcgrandview) June 16, 2021

Is your book about being such a liar?

— Tony (@ABswl16) June 16, 2021

Does the potential publisher know it's all lies?

— Charliiam🌹 (@CharliiamMay) June 16, 2021

The title “The Book of Lies”.

— Ae Adams (@AeAdams9) June 16, 2021

😅is there a chapter titled how to lie with with a straight face?

— Charlotte O (@charlieboo4) June 16, 2021

So now it will be a book full of lies. Who wants to pay money for a book full of lies??? #KayleighLiar

— Silver Eagle (@SandDollar04) June 16, 2021

Who wants to read a book, that after the fact checkers read, will leave one page in the book? A book of lies.

— Dennis Fria II (@Dgfria2) June 16, 2021

I assume that this is in the fiction section?

— Joe Biden Won (@juliethomas5_21) June 16, 2021

The Book Of Lies.

— bpfastball (@mjmanson) June 16, 2021

If the publisher insists all lies be removed then that’ll probably only leave the author’s name and the book title. Could be the shortest book ever.

— Tolhurst Gallup Smith (@1979Manhattan) June 16, 2021

Is the title of her book “Lies and the liars who tell them”?

— MsConduct (@JMDrulez) June 16, 2021

— Don Fischer (@djdogfish) June 16, 2021

You can look for it in the Fiction section of your local book store!

— Dave (@DaveinDiego) June 16, 2021

Who wants to read a book, that after the fact checkers read, will leave one page in the book? A book of lies.

— Dennis Fria II (@Dgfria2) June 16, 2021

To be found in the Fiction section

— Cante (@Cante12175815) June 16, 2021

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord Proverbs 12:22

— Craig James (@belmont167) June 16, 2021

"How to make big bucks lying 24/7"

— "International Strategery" (Ret.) (@IntlMergers) June 16, 2021

Bound to be a wonderful novel – you are so adept at fiction! 🙃

— DollysShoes (@EileenCushman) June 16, 2021

If you wanna send me an advance copy for use as toilet paper, I’d appreciate it!

— Chekov 182 (@heinslmn) June 16, 2021

Is this another lie?

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