There was an important anniversary in the annals of animated nuptials this week: the wedding between “Arthur” characters Mr. Rathburn and his spouse, Patrick.

Although the script did not explicitly acknowledge that the ceremony involved two male characters, the episode titled “Mr. Ratburn & the Special Someone” was controversial when it aired two years ago.

A number of conservative pundits and right-wing groups lambasted the PBS series, and Alabama Public Television reportedly refused to broadcast the episode.

“Arthur” creator Marc Brown said he was disappointed by the negative reactions, and that the decision to portray a same-sex marriage on a kids show was a way of making all viewers feel represented.

“Why shouldn’t their teacher marry another man? We all know people who are gay, who are trans, and it’s something that is socially acceptable,” Brown said. “Why is there this discomfort that it takes a leap into our national media?”

The show celebrated the anniversary by asking Twitter users to send well-wishes to the happy animated couple.

Two years ago today, we were invited to one of the best weddings Elwood City has ever seen. Let’s wish Mr. Ratburn and Patrick a happy two year anniversary! 🎂 ❤️ #LoveWins

— Arthur Read (@arthurpbs) May 13, 2021

Twitter users were happy to oblige.

the official arthur page asked people to wish mr. ratburn and his husband a happy 2 year anniversary and the comments are a journey

— Nina Luckshmi Mohan (@NinaLMohan) May 13, 2021

Thank you Arthur for the gay rat wedding

— Mr. Giullare (@MrGiullare) May 13, 2021

HAPPY 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO GAY RAT AND AARDVARK!! They definitely said "gay rights".

— DarkPopplio94 (Luna/Swen) 🖤 STREAM ELINOR! 💜 (@JammerFuzzy) May 13, 2021

I remember this got removed from PBS Kids due to kids, but happy anniversary to Mr. Ratburn! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

— ☀️ MarioSonicPrime45 ☀️ (@MarioSonicPro1) May 13, 2021

It was so funny to see people get mad over gay rat wedding.

— 404_nowheres_not_found (@Nowheres404) May 14, 2021

I was? Huh, because I do not recall ever getting an invitation. Must have gotten lost in the mail.

— Tyler (AKA: "Robert Uppey, Jr.") (@IntrepidMegan) May 13, 2021

It’s a nice day for a Rat wedding It’s a nice day toSTART AGAAAAAAIIIN

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