President Donald Trump is known as polarizing, and now so is the menu for his meeting with the Clemson University football team.

The president is celebrating the Tigers’ national championship Monday evening by serving up fast food from some of America’s biggest chains.

“I think we’re going to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger Kings with some pizza,” he said of the menu planned for the Monday gathering. “I really mean it. It will be interesting. And I would think that’s their favorite food. So we’ll see what happens. But they’re coming tonight, the national champions, subject to the weather.”

The menu heated up a lot of comments on Twitter. Naturally, some weren’t impressed.

Donald Trump served McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s at the White House because he us ghetto AF. What a complete disgrace to the nation. Can you imagine being invited to the White House and being served McDonalds. What an insult! What a disgrace!

— broadNabroad ⚽️ (@broadNabroad) January 14, 2019

To be correct 300 cold nasty burgers and the first 250 are all Trump's for later.

— DGrimes (@DGrimes2) January 15, 2019

Bruh, we need to open the government ASAP. Straight dollar menu items being served at the #WhiteHouse. I’ve been saying for the last 2-3 years, no Hollywood script can come close to how entertaining this administration has been. #Trump #Clemson @McDonalds @Wendys @BurgerKing

— Chowdhry (@SimplyChow) January 15, 2019

Clemson players when they have to sit through a dinner with Trump only to get McDonald's and Wendy's (no disrespect @Wendys) :

— Nick, from Earth (@ChildishGingino) January 15, 2019

At fast food buffet honoring national champion Clemson Tigers, President Trump announces new nominees for Chief of Staff and Attorney General.

— Brad Simpson (@bradleyrsimpson) January 15, 2019

Trump serves Clemson McDonalds. They got dressed up and went to White House and get served fast food. How insulting.#CommanderInCheap

— MrMueller????????2019 (@MrMuellerIsHere) January 15, 2019

Some people imagined what was going on behind the scenes.

the @Wendys social media manager logging on to see Trump serving their food at this White House fast food spread

— Blue Ivy's Au Pair (@MikeyTBH) January 15, 2019

White House Staffer, choking through tears – "I… guess… we could… use the… Lincoln gravy boats… for the… Mc… the McNug… the McNugget sauces." ???

— W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell) January 15, 2019

Others compared the menu to what might have been served during the last administration.

Our president, @realDonaldTrump, is the greatest. He got the Clemson football team McDonald's and Wendys. Obama would have had steamed salmon with a side of asparagus served for them! #MAGA #Clemson

— Ricky Sunnyvale (@RickySunnyvale1) January 14, 2019

Everyone upset within Trump serving fast food, but Obama served hot dogs for a Super Bowl Party. It doesn’t matter. I’d eat that shit up lol.

— Endless Night (@endlessnightmlp) January 15, 2019

Some people were afraid to criticize the meal, not because they were afraid of Trump, but because they feared getting called out by Wendy’s on Twitter.

look, is it objectively hilarious that Trump is serving mcdonalds and wendys in the white house? yes but i will not have anyone disparage wendys because it owns

— j (@liberalstrawman) January 14, 2019

Another person thought Wendy’s had a good reason to clap back at the president.

@Wendys Are you going to drag this chump for not even springing for Baconators next to a stack of quarter pounders? LIGHT HIM UP, RED.

— Michael Ross (@campfirewood) January 14, 2019

One person suspected that the president got advice on the menu from a previous chief executive.

“Many people say I have the best chefs/staff in the White House, ever, in history. In fact, Abe Lincoln just called me and told me that, and he don’t lie” — President Trump @Wendys

— CleWest (@erjmanlasvegas) January 14, 2019 Download

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