A Twitter user was blasted with thousands of responses after complaining that the Miss Scotland beauty contest was not “diverse” enough.

“Delighted to see such a diverse lineup for miss scotland this year,” Iain Robertson sarcastically joked, apparently triggered by the whiteness of the contestants.

delighted to see such a diverse lineup for miss scotland this year pic.twitter.com/E7wqeFOxQY

— iain robertson (@yoiain) April 23, 2019

He then added that, “the governing body that needs to have a good think.”

To be clear, this isn’t directed to the women in the image – they’ve not done anything wrong at all and I wish them all the best with Miss Scotland. Furthermore the hard work, especially for charity is admirable. It’s the governing body that needs to have a good think 🧐

— iain robertson (@yoiain) April 24, 2019

However, the racial make-up of the roster is completely in line with Scotland’s demographics. The country is 96% white.

Robertson’s tweet prompted other users to jokingly complain that other country’s beauty pageants are not very “diverse” either.

In all, Robertson (who includes his ‘preferred pronouns’ in his bio) received nearly 5,000 responses to his original tweet.

Delighted to see such a diverse group of contestants for Miss Ghana 2019 this year. pic.twitter.com/VA5GzDtUfN

— CC (@CCbucko) April 28, 2019

Miss Zimbabwe contestants pic.twitter.com/R0aReCSnhT

— Dale Chapman (@DaleskiChapman) April 28, 2019

Miss Kenya contest. Where are the Irish women?? pic.twitter.com/Vu3a1aZRDY

— Greg (@Gregonimo) April 28, 2019

Miss Nigeria 2018 No diversity here The organisers of this event need to be hauled before the ” International Court of Liberal Virtue Signalling ” , serious questions need to be asked as to how this can happen in this modern nonsense era pic.twitter.com/JGpcDUVhiE

— Sean Mac 🇮🇪 pro-life (@ShinnerPreside1) April 29, 2019

Delighted to see such a diverse lineup for Miss Jamaica pic.twitter.com/hbVZ5nrZHr

— Tone (@T50red) April 28, 2019

Miss Botswana has the same diversity issue pic.twitter.com/aUz0mtVKvb

— Paulie B (it ain’t half hot, Mum) (@PaulieBi) April 28, 2019

Because Iain knows:

How they think ✔️What they think ✔️Their sexual orientation ✔️Their hopes ✔️Their dreams ✔️Their opinions ✔️Every detail of what’s made them who they are ✔

Otherwise he’d be judging purely on skin colour.

And he wouldn’t do that.


— Annie O’Fence (@gimblemusk) April 28, 2019

WOW! Is this the tastiest protein bar on the market?

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