In the vicious back-and-forth between President Donald Trump and retiring Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn), Twitter users were thrown a delicious bone — the hashtag “Alert The Daycare Staff” that Corker flagged for Trump.

The dig refers to the notion that Trump needs mature supervision on the job. Corker first referred to the White House as an “adult daycare center” late last year after Trump attacked him in a fusillade of tweets.

It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.

— Senator Bob Corker (@SenBobCorker) October 8, 2017

A source told CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta just days after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis tendered his resignation that the president was furious by news coverage of the event because it resurrected the “adult daycare” idea for the president. Mattis was considered one of the “adults in the room” at the White House, Acosta noted.

Now Twitter’s on board with the idea, thanks to the hashtag Corker included when he fired off a message to Trump making fun of the president’s story that Mexico will pay for his border wall. The rejoinder followed a Trump attack on Corker.

Yes, just like Mexico is paying for the wall… #AlertTheDaycareStaff

— Senator Bob Corker (@SenBobCorker) December 23, 2018

Twitter users appreciated the joke, while some quipped that it’s possible all the “adults” in the White House have already left the premises. Or, maybe they’re not being paid due to the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Bob Corker with an oldie but a goodie: #AlertTheDayCareStaff

— Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara) December 23, 2018

I love #AlertTheDaycareStaff I needed a giggle today. Thank you!

— Covfefe (@Covfefe3623) December 23, 2018

#AlertTheDaycareStaff but they won't get paid….

— Bobby Coker (@jacksgdaddy) December 23, 2018

We can’t #AlertTheDaycareStaff, they all quit.

— Ms. McCullough ? (@thekitchendoor3) December 23, 2018

#AlertTheDayCareStaff ??? I'm not sure there are any adults left to supervise… #scary

— Witches Against Trump (@Witches_RESIST) December 23, 2018

Is he gonna tantrum all day ?#AlertTheDaycareStaff

— Laura Foster (@UsedToBeFoster) December 23, 2018

#AlertTheDaycareStaff Donny got the childproof cap off the adderall bottle

— __nashaz (@nashaz12) December 23, 2018


— Anime_Now (@Anime_Now90) December 23, 2018

Though Twitter users loved the hashtag, many did not let the GOP senator off the hook for the Republican president and bashed him for letting Trump have his way far too often.

Sure wish you would have done something when you could …

— still certain (@stillcertain) December 23, 2018

Too late to talk big now, Bob!

— Lisa M (@meaglisa) December 23, 2018

Gosh, if only you’d found this spine earlier

— Tiffany Iriana Hofscher (@TiffanyIriana) December 23, 2018

You are part of the problem Bob..

— 860ford (@860Ford) December 23, 2018

This is what you've earned. You and the rest of your Republican colleagues didn't do your constitutional job to reign him in. Now the toddler in chief abuses you on your way out. Big surprise. ?

— Shrieking Ninja (@3mc3) December 23, 2018

These tweets are hysterical! So much funnier than actually providing oversight.

— Joe Crespo (@jscrespo) December 23, 2018 Download

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