Tucker Carlson — frequent sower of doubt on COVID-19 vaccines — on Tuesday actually likened the requirement to be vaccinated in order to attend events and enter businesses to segregation.

“Medical Jim Crow has come to America,” the Fox News personality bombastically declared. “If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones.”

Carlson recalled pre-coronavirus pandemic times when “pretty much everybody agreed that segregation was the worst thing this country ever did. The “very same people” are “now enforcing segregation,” he claimed.

“Want to watch the NBA playoffs in person? You had better be vaccinated to do that. Otherwise, the New York Knicks will bar you from Madison Square Garden,” said Carlson. “You can still go see a baseball game if you want to, but be warned you will be sitting in your own roped-off section, marinating in your shame with the other disobedient bad people.

Watch the video here:

Critics were quick to jab Carlson over his comments:

"Medical Jim Crow" That's actually what Tucker Carlson calls "discrimination" against unvaccinated fans being forbidden to enter NBA playoff games. Is that phrase focus group tested, or straight from Tucker's private brainstorming?

— GrahamHarman (@DrZamalek) June 2, 2021

As opposed to regular Jim Crow which Tucker Carlson would love if it came back.

— Lawrence Sciambra (@LawrenceSciambr) June 2, 2021

Hey @TuckerCarlson what in holy hell is medical Jim Crow?You just make shit up day after day.

— its Wynn (win) not Wine 🤦‍♀️ (@BurgWynn) June 2, 2021

Tucker Carlson: "Medical Jim Crow has come to America."Me: True, but not in the way you think, you fucking horrific weirdo.

— The Notorious T.A.C. (I'm the vaccinated one.) (@TristanCall) June 2, 2021

See how this works? @TuckerCarlson takes a phrase he knows is damaging to Republicans (because of their Jim Crow 2.0 actions) and turns it back on his viewers. Textbook. They do it all day every day. https://t.co/0JU5F4Dgh5

— Reed Galen (@reedgalen) June 2, 2021

Tucker Carlson just compared vaccinated vs non-vaccinateds to the days of segregation. What the f*ck is "Medical Jim Crow" Tucker? What drugs are you on? 😂

— Kyle (@kyledoescode) June 2, 2021 RELATED… Conservative Columnist Warns Of GOP Plot To Steal 2024 Election ‘This Is Sedition’: Ex-Bush Ethics Chief Slams Michael Flynn’s Call For Coup ‘Daily Show’ Breaks Down How Badly Trump Is Handling Retirement Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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