President Donald Trump sat down with Laura Ingraham for a lengthy interview on Fox News Monday and his critics couldn’t decide on the wildest part.

Trump attacked Black Lives Matter, saying the name alone was “bad for Black people” and compared the police officer who shot a Black man in the back seven times to a golfer who missed an easy putt.

He also presented a series of conspiracy theories, claiming “people that are in the dark shadows” control both “the streets” and former Vice President Joe Biden. And he spun a conspiracy theory about an airplane:

“We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend. And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that.”

Trump claimed the people on the plane wanted to “do big damage” to the Republican National Convention, yet offered no other details.

The president’s claims were so wild that Ingraham jumped in to try and save him several times.

The strange interview was all the talk on Twitter:

All of you idiots making fun of Donald and ignoring the VERY CLEAR information he’s trying to convey — people in the dark shadows who are getting on planes in black uniforms and flying to cities. Shadow People Dressed In Black On Airplanes. WAKE UP.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) September 1, 2020

You know things are bad when Laura Ingraham has to save President Trump from saying stupid things.

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) September 1, 2020

I'm sorry, but Trump's Laura Ingraham interview is comedy gold… If only the fate the free world weren't at stake.

— Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) September 1, 2020

Is this dude ok?

— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) September 1, 2020

Trump should just keep doing TV all the time because it's going great for him.

— Schooley (@Rschooley) September 1, 2020

When you need to be saved by Laura Ingraham, it’s not good.

— Kara Swisher (@karaswisher) September 1, 2020

you know you’ve got a problem when you can’t even interview with laura ingraham and not just machine gun your own feet the whole time

— kilgore trout, non ass-talker (@KT_So_It_Goes) September 1, 2020

Trump says "people are pulling Biden's strings."When pressed who, he says. "people that you've never heard of."Trump is off the deep end folks!

— Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈 (@Amy_Siskind) September 1, 2020

If that was the part of the Laura Ingraham interview of Donald Trump that the editors decided was good to put on the air, what the hell did they edit out?

— JRehling (@JRehling) September 1, 2020

Tonight Trump talked about people in the dark shadows controlling Biden and a plane full of people wearing black uniforms and more. And a lot of people are saying he's nuts.He's not. This is a deliberate appealing to QAnon. Stop underestimating him. That's what got us here.

— Joshua Potash (@JoshuaPotash) September 1, 2020

She missed the follow up here; Dark Shadows the original TV show or the movie?

— Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance) September 1, 2020

Dark Shadows is trending? Barnabas is pleased.

— V-Revolticon (@VRevolticon) September 1, 2020

I’d maybe just run this as a 30-second ad

— Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) September 1, 2020

Oh my. “Dark shadows” and “people wearing black uniforms.” How much is it worth to you that this unwell man is not president? $1? $10? $100? Step up and save America from this lunatic. Elect @JoeBiden at:

— Eric Swalwell (@ericswalwell) September 1, 2020

The cops "CHOKED"?!? Trump saying the Cops in Kenosha that just SHOT an Unarmed African-American man 7 times in the back "CHOKED…like in Golf" . Trump's so bad EVEN Laura Ingraham herself stopped him & Cut Trump off for damage control!🤬🤦🏼‍♂️

— DanielNewmaη (@DanielNewman) September 1, 2020

Trump couldn't even get through a softball, super-friendly Laura Ingraham interview tonight without spiking himself multiple times and Laura having to repeatedly interject in an effort to save Trump from himself.But Biden's supposedly the one fearing the debates.

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) September 1, 2020

This is batshit, unhinged lunacy. Trump claims that “dark, shadowy forces” are controlling Biden, and that literall plane loads of Antifa folks dressed in black and riot gear are flying around the country fomenting mayhem.

— Brad Simpson (@bradleyrsimpson) September 1, 2020

Dark Shadows

— Robert Bose (Very Apologetic Ex Trump Voter) (@RobertBose1) September 1, 2020 HuffPost testPromoTitleReplace testPromoDekReplace Join HuffPost Today!No thanks. HuffPost Important conversations are happening now. Add your voice! Join HuffPost Today! Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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