President Donald Trump on Tuesday indicated that he didn’t know what the “19” in COVID-19 stands for.

In the middle of a riff in which he also made racist jokes about the coronavirus, Trump said he wondered about the infection’s official name.

“COVID-19, COVID, I said what’s the 19?” he asked at an event in Arizona. “COVID-19, some people can’t explain the 19.”

The President uses the term “Kung Flu” again and says “COVID, COVID-19, COVID, I said what’s the 19. COVID-19, some people can’t explain the 19.”

— Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) June 23, 2020

That 19 refers to 2019, the year the specific coronavirus behind the current pandemic was identified. But Trump isn’t the only one in his administration confused by the moniker.

In April, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway slammed the World Health Organization’s response to the pandemic and suggested it should have been better prepared because of all the previous COVIDs.

This is COVID-19 ― not COVID-1, folks,” Conway said. “And so you would think the people charged with the World Health Organization would be on top of that.”

Trump’s out-loud musings about the “19” part of the illness’s name received the treatment on Twitter:

Trump: “Wonder Woman 1984? I never saw the first 1,983 of them!”#COVIDIOT

— Santa Claus, CEO (@SantaInc) June 23, 2020

Some people can’t explain what happened to the first 181 Blinks

— Decoherence (@DecoherenceWave) June 23, 2020

I liked 2001: A Space Oddysey, but I think I should have watched the first 2000 to get the full context.

— Pete the Gateway Meat (@BaconGrillin123) June 23, 2020

And the first 22 skidoos? Why don't we hear more about them? And where the hell are the first 98 luft balloons?

— Khashoggi’s Ghost (@UROCKlive1) June 24, 2020

President* Trump cannot remember the year the 1918 Flu Pandemic happened, so it makes sense that he has no clue that the 19 in #COVID19 is for 2019.President* Trump’s aggressive ignorance is causing more American #COVID19 deaths, and Republican Senators refuse to remove him.

— Adam Rifkin 🐼 (@ifindkarma) June 24, 2020

Bumbling deranged criminal@Acyn: The President uses the term “Kung Flu” again and says “COVID, COVID-19, COVID, I said what’s the 19. COVID-19, some people can’t explain the 19.”

— John Cusack (@johncusack) June 23, 2020

Shut The Eff Up About Biden's Gaffes: "What's The 19?" Edition.

— Bob Cesca (@bobcesca_go) June 24, 2020


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