President Donald Trump stood up for his pal and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani Friday, telling reporters that the former New York City mayor is a “great gentleman” and a “great crime fighter” who “looks for corruption wherever he goes.”

Trump was defending Giuliani amid a widening investigation into Giuliani’s role in an alleged shadow campaign pressing Ukraine to launch a probe into Trump’s political rival Joe Biden and his son. Investigators are now also examining whether Giuliani covertly represented foreign interests, as well as his links to associates charged with illegal campaign contributions.

Twitter users were particularly taken by Trump’s boast about Giuliani looking for corruption. They had suggestions about where the attorney might find it.

He should look in his bank account.

— Renato Mariotti (@renato_mariotti) October 25, 2019

It certainly follows him wherever he goes.

— Robbie Sherwood (@RobbieSherwood) October 25, 2019

I think @realDonaldTrump meant to say, “He generates corruption wherever he goes…” understandable mistake given #Individual1’s difficulty with the English language. Perhaps it would have been easier for him to say it in Russian.

— DianeNamm (@DianeNamm) October 25, 2019

Did Trump mean, Rudy, he looks like corruption wherever he goes.

— Colleen Hamilton (@Colleen_ham1) October 25, 2019

well, he's right about that!

— Daily Cartoons (@DaylieKartunes) October 25, 2019

I’m sure he does, and then keeps it all in a safe to be used at a convenient time. 🤨

— Lisa (@sweedypy) October 25, 2019

And he finds it – usually when he sees his reflection

— Chris L. Owens (@sonicshrew) October 25, 2019

Has he checked his bank statements?

— Chris (@ChristineCSE) October 25, 2019 Download REAL LIFE. REAL NEWS. REAL VOICES. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus

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