When President Donald Trump introduced Mark Esper as the new secretary of defense on Thursday, he also introduced a new word into the English language: “Infantroopen.”

It happened while the president was discussing the career of Esper, who was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for his service in the 101st Airborne Division during the first Iraq War.

However, the president called it the “Combat Infantroopen Badge,” according to Vox.com reporter Aaron Rupar.

…. goodness gracious, what did Trump just try to say here? "Infantroopen"? pic.twitter.com/clEVzthhgn

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 25, 2019

In addition, Rupar said Trump also referred to members of Congress as “lawmarkers,” not “lawmakers.”

"lawmarkers" — Trump is having some trouble today pic.twitter.com/1DbImKL4RO

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 25, 2019

As you might expect, people had questions. Lots of questions:

"Infantroopen"?Is that even a thing?

— Jason Ackery 3rd (@JasonAckery3rd) July 25, 2019

Others had theories about the real meaning of “infantroopen.”

INFANTROOPEN is the Russian word for boneSpur.#maga @realdonaldtrump #veteransagainsttrump pic.twitter.com/hUcxInNjw8

— Cheer-Up (@justgrateful) July 25, 2019

infantroopen badge: hybrid nazi-boy scout award.

— ccwagwag (@ccwag13) July 25, 2019

One person predicted the White House press office would try to spin the president’s word salad as completely intentional.

IN RELATED NEWS:Today the President awarded a new military honor, the “Combat Infantroopen Badge for Military Service.”We apologize for not announcing the new award before giving it to this very deserving soldier.White House Press Office https://t.co/2kMCCg34o7

— Bret Plate (@bretplate) July 25, 2019

It all harks back to May 2017, when Trump tweeted out the word “covfefe.” Yes, it was probably a typo, but it inadvertently ended up becoming the perfect word to describe the world under his administration.

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