President Trump is eyeing additional travel bans to stop the spread of the Chinese coronavirus in the United States.

During a press briefing on Monday, Trump hinted that he may expand the current travel ban list beyond China, Iran, and Europe to ensure that the coronavirus is not being spread by new arrivals.

“They’ll be staying and we may add a few more,” Trump said. “But the guidelines will be very much as they are, maybe even toughened up a little bit. But they’re having a big impact, they’re having a tremendous impact.”

Already, Trump has closed the southern and northern borders to migrant entry and travel, as well as the travel bans. Still, hundreds of flights every week have continued arriving in the U.S. from other regions of the world.

The travel bans, praised by the nation’s leading health experts, have widespread support among Americans. The latest Pew Research Center study has found that of all the precautions taken by federal and state governments, about 95 percent of Americans said “restricting international travel to the U.S.” is the most necessary action to stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

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