Sean Spicer said ahead of his controversial debut on “Dancing With The Stars” in September that he hoped politics could be put aside for the competition.

But Trevor Noah on Wednesday night explained how the former White House press secretary (whose time in the Trump administration was characterized by repeatedly lying on behalf of the president) has already gone back on his word.

“The Daily Show” host said now that it has become clear that Spicer, who has been getting the lowest scores on the ABC reality show, wasn’t going to win over the judges, he obviously decided “screw the whole nonpolitical kumbaya crap” and to “turn this dance competition into a full-on civil war.”

“There’s a lot of folks on the left that don’t believe that people on the right have a place in their, that they consider their society,” Spicer said in an interview this week with far-right website Breitbart.

“Once again, I guess Sean Spicer has lied to America,” said Noah. “Because now he’s totally making this thing political.”

Video of Spicer explaining to viewers how to cast 20 votes for him — even if they haven’t watched “DWTS” — was too much for Noah, who competed in South Africa’s version of the competition.

It even prompted him to lay down his own challenge to the former Trump aide.

“Sean Spicer is going to destroy one of the greatest, most respected institutions in the world,” he said. “I have no choice but to defend its honor.”

Check out the clip here:

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