According to the Palm Beach Police Department, three 15-year-old boys were taken into custody after illegally entering the grounds of the Mar-a-Lago Club owned by President Donald Trump.

The police spokesman stated that the youngsters were spotted in a car parked in Middle Road on Friday at midnight, but when the officers approached, they took off in a bid to escape.

The police stressed the suspects didn’t seem to know they had entered the president’s property. At the moment, they are in custody for armed trespassing, armed burglary, and resisting arrest without violence.

After a short pursuit, the teens stopped near the Southern Boulevard Bridge, left the car, and ran toward Mar-a-Lago, where they were eventually caught. A police spokesman said Mar-a-Lago security found a backpack on a seawall with a Mini Draco 7.62 calibre AK-47 and a 14-round magazine inside.

The suspects, whose identities were not released, were taken into custody following the incident.

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