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1990: Pop duo Milli Vanilli are stripped of their Grammy Award because other singers had lent their voices to the “Girl You Know It’s True” album.

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1863: President Abraham Lincoln dedicates a national cemetery at the site of the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.1919: The Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailles by a vote of 55 in favor, 39 against, short of the two-thirds majority needed for ratification.1959: Ford Motor Co. announces it is halting production of the unpopular Edsel.1969: Apollo 12 astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean make the second manned landing on the moon.1977: Egyptian President Anwar Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to visit Israel.President Ronald Reagan (left) smiles as he talks to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev outside the vila Fleur D'Eau at Versoix near Geneva in 1985. (AP-Photo/mw/stf/Deugherty/11/19/1985)

President Ronald Reagan (left) smiles as he talks to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev outside the vila Fleur D’Eau at Versoix near Geneva in 1985. (AP-Photo/mw/stf/Deugherty/11/19/1985)

1985: President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev meet for the first time as they begin their summit in Geneva.1995: Polish President Lech Walesa is defeated in his bid for reelection.1997: Iowa seamstress Bobbi McCaughey gives birth to the world’s first set of surviving septuplets, four boys and three girls.2004: In one of the worst brawls in U.S. sports history, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson of the Indiana Pacers charge into the stands and fight with Detroit Pistons fans, forcing officials to end the Pacers’ 97-82 win with 45.9 seconds left.2007: Amazon.com releases its first Kindle e-book reader.2013: Diane Disney Miller, 79, daughter of Walt Disney and one of his inspirations for building the Disneyland theme park, dies in Napa, Calif. 2013:The Disney animated feature “Frozen” has its Hollywood premiere.2017: Charles Manson, the hippie cult leader behind the gruesome murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles in 1969, dies in a California hospital at the age of 83 after nearly a half-century in prison. 2017: State media and a monitoring group in Syria report that pro-government forces defeated the Islamic State group in its last major stronghold in the country.

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