Ten people were killed in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas Friday. It was the 101st mass shooting so far in the United States in 2018, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

The alleged shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, was a student at the school. He has been charged with capital murder and aggravated assault of a police officer. He allegedly used his father’s shotgun and a .38 revolver in the shooting. He reportedly wore a t-shirt that said “Born to Kill” as he shot and killed eight of his classmates and two teachers at the school.

As of Monday morning, all of the victims have been identified. Here are their stories.

Sabika Sheikh Sabika Sheikh. Image via Facebook.Sabika Sheikh. Image via Facebook.

Sabika Sheikh, 17, was an exchange student from Pakistan. She was supposed to return home to her family June 9, and according to her family who spoke with The New York Times, she had asked her mom to cook her favorite meal and asked her brother to straighten her room.

Instead, her family is waiting for her casket.

Sheikh’s death was confirmed by the Patistani Embassy in Washington on Facebook Friday.

Sheikh’s father, Abdul Aziz, learned of his daughter’s death on CNN. He told AFP in Pakistan, “We are still in a state of denial. It is like a nightmare… There is a general impression that the life is safe and secure in America. But this is not the case.”

Sheikh’s body is being sent to Pakistan Monday.

“It’s a very sad news and very shocking for our family,” Aziz told Geo News. “All family members are not in good condition.”

Kimberly Vaughan Kimberly and her mom, Rhonda Hart. Image via Facebook. Kimberly and her mom, Rhonda Hart. Image via Facebook.

Kimberly Vaughan was in her first period art class when she was killed Friday. Her mother, Rhonda Hart, initially posted on Facebook that her daughter was missing. Vaughan’s death was confirmed Saturday in a release from Galveston County District Attorney Jack Roady.


Hart has updated her post about being unable to find her daughter with the hashtags “#fightforkim,” #kimberlyjessica,” and “#oneoften.”

“Folks — call your damn senators. Call your congressmen,” she wrote. “We need GUN CONTROL. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR KIDS.”

Chris Stone Chris Stone. Image via ABC13 and Stone's family. Chris Stone. Image via ABC13 and Stone’s family.

Chris Stone, 17, was a junior at Sante Fe High School. His sister, Mercedez Stone, confirmed his death to CNN.

Stone played football at the high school and enjoyed video games and outdoor adventures, including parasailing, jet skiing, ziplining, and hiking, his sister said.


“Being a brother was his best job,” she told CNN. “Although he was the youngest, he definitely protected his sisters as if he was the oldest. He was always there if someone needed someone to listen or some cheering up.”

Stone’s dad told The New York Times that he “had lots of heart.”

Angelique Ramirez Angelique Ramirez. Image via Twitter. Angelique Ramirez. Image via Twitter.

Angelique Ramirez was among those killed Friday, her aunt confirmed on Facebook.

“With a broken heart and a soul that just can’t process all this right now, I have to announce my niece was one of the fatalities,” she wrote. “Please keep all the families in your thoughts, and hug your children tightly.”


In another Facebook post, Araceli Ramirez, who said Angelique was her baby sister, said Angelique was “so outgoing, so precious, kind, beautiful, smart.”

“You deserved so much, you had so much planned for yourself and they took that away from you,” Araceli wrote.

Shana Fisher Shana Fisher. Image via Twitter. Shana Fisher. Image via Twitter.

Shana Fisher was confirmed dead by her aunt, Candi Thurman, on Twitter Friday. Initially, Thurman tweeted that some classmates had said Fisher had been shot in the leg and that Fisher was missing.

I am sad to announce that Shana didn’t survive today’s shooting. Thank you for your prayers https://t.co/apjI7tepCi

— Candi ♡ (@candithurman) May 18, 2018

She later tweeted that Fisher hadn’t survived the shooting.

“Thank you for your prayers,” Thurman said.

Another woman who said she was Fisher’s aunt, Tammy Fisher Whalen, wrote on Facebook, “Its hard to believe one of the sweetest kids you would ever meet had a punk kill her.”


Sadie Rodriguez, Fisher’s mother, told the Los Angeles Times that her daughter had “four months of problems from this boy,” — the shooter — and that he “kept making advances on her, and she repeatedly told him no.”

Aaron Kyle McLeod Aaron Kyle McLeod. Image via Facebook. Aaron Kyle McLeod. Image via Facebook.

Aaron Kyle McLeod, whose friends called him Kyle, was 15. He was among those killed Friday.

A friend who played tennis with him told the Times he was “so sweet [and] so considerate.” His next door neighbor said he was always smiling.

“I always saw him get off the bus every day, and I’d see him wave at us,” his neighbor told the Times. “He’s a great kid, a very friendly person.”

There was reportedly a cluster of flowers and candles placed on the sidewalk outside McLeod’s house over the weekend.

Glenda Ann Perkins Ann Perkins. Image via ABC13. Ann Perkins. Image via ABC13.

Glenda Ann Perkins was one of the two teachers killed Friday. Her family confirmed her death in a statement.

One student, Zachary Muehe, told the Times Perkins was “everyone’s favorite substitute.”

Ann Perkins was a beloved teacher, family friend, & woman. She enjoyed spending time with her children, grandchildren, & students. She lived an impeccable life filled with traveling, love, family, & a bit of champagne. Rest easy our beautiful nurturing angel. I love you. 💛☀️ pic.twitter.com/E4F1ss1hQb

— Lydia Swartz (@lemonylyd) May 18, 2018

According to a GoFundMe set up to cover Perkins’ funeral expenses, Perkins died protecting her students during the shooting. Lydia Swartz, a student from Galveston, tweeted that Perkins was shot pushing a student out of the line of fire.

This extraordinary woman pushed a student out of the way to protect them & took the deadly bullet that ended her life. Please don’t forget her name. Do not ever forget what she did. Do not let her legacy die. Glenda Ann Perkins was a selfless, heroic savior. #RememberAnnPerkins pic.twitter.com/agLbO9v70e

— Lydia Swartz (@lemonylyd) May 20, 2018

In a statement, Perkins’ family thanked first responders and expressed their sympathy for the other victims and their families.

The statement went on, saying, “We know Ann would want the students and faculty of Santa Fe High School, to whom she lovingly dedicated so much of her time, to remember to keep their hearts open, to discuss their feelings with family members, friends, and counselors in order to successfully conquer this tragedy.”

Cynthia Tisdale Cynthia Tisdale and her husband William Recie Tisdale. Image via Facebook. Cynthia Tisdale and her husband William Recie Tisdale. Image via Facebook.

Cynthia Tisdale was the second teacher killed Friday. Her brother-in-law confirmed her death on Facebook Friday. She was teaching art class when the shooting began.

“Cynthia planned on one day retiring and being a full-time grandmother,” John Tisdale, her brother-in-law, wrote on Facebook. “It will never happen.”

This is the gofundme for the man with terminal cancer whose wife had to go back to work to pay for it and was murdered in school the other day. https://t.co/PvsT3Fziar

— Sean T. Collins (@theseantcollins) May 20, 2018

Cynthia’s husband, William, has terminal lung cancer, and Cynthia went back to work to help pay for his treatment. Her death drew attention to a GoFundMe set up to help pay for a life-saving stem cell treatment for William, which has surpassed its $30,000 goal. That, her son wrote, is enough to cover funeral costs as well as a possible lung transplant.

“We are still in such disbelief that anything good can come out of such a horrific event,” an update posted Sunday on the GoFundMe page reads. “My mom always made good come out of bad situations though and this is no different for her. The amount of love and generosity our family and father is receiving is unimaginable. We don’t know how to put it all into words but thank you doesn’t give it enough justification.”

On Sunday, John, her brother-in-law, wrote that Cynthia’s funeral will be held Friday. It would have been her 64th birthday.

Christian Riley Garcia Christian Riley Garcia. Image via Facebook. Christian Riley Garcia. Image via Facebook.

Christian Riley Garcia was 15. He was killed Friday, his church confirmed on Facebook.

“I don’t know exactly how, but I know together in Christ we can make it,” the Crosby Church pastor wrote. “God we cry out for your grace, strength, peace, and presence.”

The photo he shared of Garcia was from about ten days before, the pastor said, of Garcia with a scripture he wrote on the door frame of what would have been his new bedroom. The scripture, Psalm 46:10, reads, “He says, ‘Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.’”

The Washington Post reported that Garcia loved to water ski and stay up late for night fishing trips.

Jared Black Jared Black. Image via the family. Jared Black. Image via the family.

Jared Black had just turned 17, and he was killed in his favorite class, art. He was reportedly supposed to have his birthday party Saturday. According to his family, who spoke with the Post, he loved Minecraft and Pokemon Go.

A family friend set up a GoFundMe for some of Black’s family living in California to cover the costs of flying to Texas for the funeral. In two days, people donated more than $8,700.

“Our hearts are so sad for them,” Family friend Elizabeth McGinnis, who set up the GoFundMe, wrote on the page. “I was there when they heard the news. Such a rough day for all. Bobby, Jared’s Dad, sat in misery for 13 hours not knowing if he was one of the victims.”

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