(CNN)Trying to condense all that took place this week into a few headlines is a near impossible task. So much happened. Democrats will take control of the US Senate following their wins in Georgia. Pro-Trump rioters sieged Capitol Hill, which led to a series of resignations and discussions of impeachment. President-elect Joe Biden continued to announce members of his Cabinet. Ultimately, these headlines only scratch the surface of a week that will go down in American history.

MondayTape reveals Trump asked official to ‘find’ votes to overturn election Trump says he hopes Pence “comes through” on 2020 election resultsTuesdayNo indication White House will overhaul vaccine distribution despite widespread problemsRead MoreWednesdayDemocrats to take Senate as Ossoff wins runoff, CNN projectsMob of Trump supporters storm Capitol building to protest electionTrump’s presidency ends with American carnageWoman shot at Capitol riots has diedFirst lady’s chief of staff and White House social secretary resign after violent protestsAngry Republican leaders float removing Trump from office Sen. Romney: This was ‘an insurrection incited by the President’ ThursdayTrump publicly acknowledges he won’t serve a second term a day after inciting mobMick Mulvaney resigns from Trump administrationBiden assails different treatment of pro-Trump mob and Black Lives Matter protesters‘His entire legacy was wiped out yesterday’: Hill Republicans ready to move on from TrumpTrump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos submits resignationFridayFederal murder investigation to be opened in Capitol Police officer’s deathTrump tweets he is skipping Biden’s inaugurationDemocratic momentum builds for potential fast-track impeachment next weekWhite House in ‘crisis management’ mode: lawyers being consulted about potential impeachmentAnd that was the week in 19 headlines.

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