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What will happen to the United States if Justice Kennedy retires? Well for starters, we can say goodbye to Roe, racial justice, voting rights, and any new progress on LGBTQ issues — like whether or not transgender people are allowed to enlist in the military.

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Famed physicist Stephen Hawking warns that exiting the Paris climate deal could render Earth uninhabitable. In a worst-case scenario, our climate could come to resemble that of Venus.

ICYMI: Politico’s poll on Trump’s travel ban is fake news.

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Here’s your periodic reminder that the GOP’s fighting to take health care from millions of people.

Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) is taking heat for using a Nazi death camp as the backdrop for his latest video.

Volvo announced Wednesday that all of the new cars it produces will be either all-electric or hybrid by 2019.


We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible.

— Stephen Hawking on how real the consequences of backing out of the Paris Climate deal truly are.