Artists worldwide are rolling up their sleeves in the fight to vaccinate the planet against the coronavirus by creating powerful pieces promoting the COVID-19 jab.

Hundreds of stunning works ― many of which reimagine the V for victory sign or encourage the uptake of the coronavirus shot among underrepresented communities ― have been produced in response to design lab Amplifier’s global callout for PSA art.

“We are in awe of the way artists from every continent translate this cause into visual stories,” Cleo Barnett, executive director for the nonprofit, told HuffPost this week. “In times of crisis, artists are the cultural first responders who help point the way forward out of the darkness.”

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The Seattle- and Los Angeles-based lab was founded in 2014 and works toward “a more just, inclusive and sustainable future” through its artistic campaigns. It is funded by philanthropic support and sales from its online store.

Its callout for art promoting public health and safety at the start of the pandemic attracted more than 10,500 submissions from over 90 countries.

The deadline for submissions to its new ”#Vaccinated” campaign ― which it is running alongside the Vaccine Confidence Project and the global scientist network Team Halo ― is April 20.

“It is a (literal) global call to arms, ensuring that critical COVID-19 vaccine information reaches populations across the world as quickly as possible, empowering people to feel confident in their decision to get vaccinated,” Barnett added.

Lab staff, a team of independent judges and the public will vote to hand 100 artists each a $1,000 prize. The art is downloadable for free and will be distributed for display at hospitals and health centers worldwide.

Check out some of the art below and on the Amplifier website.

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Seen some COVID-19 vaccine street art? Email your images and information to [email protected] or direct message via Instagram.

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