Escape the relentless news cycle of doom by watching these dogs participating in the latest adorable viral trend.

Pups from around the world have been participating this week in the #SnootChallenge, where their owners encourage them to run up and place their snout into a circle made out of their fingers or an object.

Some pooches are having more degrees of success than others. Find out how these dogs fared in the clips below:

We tried the #snootchallenge today… ???

— Jessica Schaer (@JessSchaer) August 22, 2018

My sweet dog did not understand the #snootchallenge. He just thought we needed a hug

— Colleen Moyles (@colleen03) August 24, 2018

We tried the #snootchallenge with a doughnut!!??

— Louby the Westie (@louby_love) August 22, 2018

#SnootChallenge when tennis balls are life ??

— Erin (@ESchlaXO) August 24, 2018

#snootchallenge #firsttry He loves giving kisses so this wasn't difficult at all.

— Michelle White (@MWhiteMES) August 21, 2018

My #snootchallenge the @NYRangers way! #NYRPupOnAPath ?

— Ranger (@NYRangersPup) August 22, 2018

The snoot challenge y’all! #snootchallenge ?Ft. Jorge’s dog.

— Hector Garcia (@HannibalHec13) August 23, 2018

I think we may have done the #snootchallenge wrong. We’ll try again tomorrow.

— Hanne Elrod (@HanParm) August 23, 2018

#snootchallenge featuring a bulldog, who has no snoot

— Taylor Ware (@taylorwaree) August 23, 2018

Gunner was all about the #snootchallenge ?

— Krista Kenna (@whereiskrista) August 23, 2018

Snoot challenge x4… Done! (Thank you to my awesome wife Bek for doing some rapid training sessions to humour me!) #FelixToller #OldMan #DeafDog

— Sarah of the Shire (@sarahoftheshire) August 22, 2018

So I tried the #SnootChallenge .. ya

— megsandbacon ? (@quad_goddess) August 23, 2018 RELATED COVERAGE There's Way Too Much Cuteness In This New Dog-Rating Twitter Feed Dog Sniffs Out Abandoned Puppies In 'Lassie-Style Moment' Police Dog Is Fired For Truly Adorable Reason, Finds Even Better Job Download

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