A public service announcement in which a young girl teaches active shooter drills to adults has gone viral.

March For Our Lives, the anti-gun violence movement, released the video captioned #GenerationLockdown on Monday.

“If there was an active shooter, you would all be dead,” the youngster named Kayleigh told employees at a California office.

Kayleigh then calmly explains the importance of remaining silent, not crying and barricading doors during an active shooter situation.

Check out the video here:

**Heads up: this video contains sensitive content**We want to learn without fearing for our lives.We want to learn without active shooter drills.We want a better solution to the gun violence epidemic – and we won't settle for less. #GenerationLockdown pic.twitter.com/HngghKmSsx

— March For Our Lives (@AMarch4OurLives) April 29, 2019

The PSA prompted parents and others on Twitter to share poignant stories about their own experiences with lockdown drills:

My son comes home from school freaked out about these active shooter drills. We live in a world where children need to be instructed on this. So much is wrong about that. https://t.co/QTmB1ZCH3h

— Mike McGranaghan (@AisleSeat) April 29, 2019

My then-kindergartener, after a school lockdown drill: “Mom, [baby sister] would be a problem in a lockdown, because she can’t stay quiet long enough.” #GenerationLockdown https://t.co/VXhRhGEoKv

— Colleen (@dalgal412) April 29, 2019

My grandson said if they got in your room & started shooting grab anything & throw it at them. Maybe he & his friends would hurt them or get them to leave. That way not everyone would die. #GenerationLockdown

— Pam 🌊✌️❤️🎶😗👀 🏳️‍🌈GBO VFL (@Pam_VolGal) April 29, 2019

Recently my daughter Bella told me that she made a new friend.Me: “That’s great sweetie; what do you like about her?” B: “She calmed me down when I had a panic attack during our lockdown drill.”They are 10 years old. They are #GenerationLockdown https://t.co/JwGqnDodbx

— this account fights scaredy-cats🙀 (@sfpelosi) April 29, 2019

This is a very striking video – makes me wonder when lockdown drills like this became so common.I (28) had lockdown drills from elementary to high school, but they were generally about an "intruder" in the building – nothing about gunfire. Just be quiet, lock the door. https://t.co/PWNoGM1kd0

— Rachel Alexander (@rachelwalexande) April 29, 2019

This is just heartbreaking https://t.co/SjaJ6HRhPc

— Trevor Khan (@TrevorKhan1) April 29, 2019

I arrived at my kids ES to volunteer in the art roomjust as a lockdown started. By the end of the utterly silent 5 minutes, I was a sobbing mess.Such silence and control in a 1,000+ kid school is unreal and terrifying.

— V (@v_theclash) April 29, 2019

Now when I hear doors slam too loudly in my dorm hall I get a little bit frightened that something is going down. I have a plan on where to hide in every classroom. We had a false alarm on campus because people were popping balloons. We shouldn't live in fear. #GenerationLockdown

— Leila M. 💀✨💜 (@RoselyMonster) April 29, 2019

What’s really difficult and sad frankly – as a parent to accept, is the casualness in which my kids discuss doing these drills in their schools. #generationlockdown

— Chuck Whitney (@chuck__whitney) April 29, 2019

My six-year-old daughter last year after an actual lockdown:"The best places to hide are the big cupboards. But how do we choose, Mom?'"What do you mean, sweetie?""There's not enough room for everyone. How do we choose who gets to hide and who has to die?"#GenerationLockdown

— Kaz Weida (@kazweida) April 29, 2019 RELATED… Parents Of School Shooting Victims Take Center Stage On Time's Poignant New Cover Former Mexican President: Mass Shootings Are Consequence Of Racism Like Trump's 'The Daily Show' Translates Standard GOP Responses To Mass Shootings Download

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