New York (CNN Business)Samsung, the world’s biggest phone maker, is also one of the largest consumer electronics and appliance makers in the world, selling everything from televisions to refrigerators.

So we were wondering: How much would it cost the ultimate Samsung fan if they could spend all they wanted on each of Samsung’s highest-end devices?In December — as a sort of thought experiment — CNN Business calculated what it would cost to buy all the most expensive Apple (AAPL) gadgets (if anyone ever actually did such a thing). The answer: Nearly $80,000. Samsung’s biggest fan would pay more.PhoneSamsung Galaxy Z Fold2 with 5GSamsung Galaxy Z Fold2 with 5GSamsung Galaxy Z Fold2 with 5GRead MoreAt $1,999.99, Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with 5G, is the most expensive phone in the company’s current lineup. (Note: Samsung (SSNLF) is currently offering site-wide discounts, so this article includes prices as they are listed on its site as of Thursday. Trade-ins can lower prices even more.) Released in September, the device features a 6.2-inch front screen and a 7.6-inch inner screen when the device is unfolded, a helpful feature if you frequently find yourself working, gaming or watching video content on the go. The folding display is coupled with software features that Samsung says will help users to multitask, including the ability to have multiple apps open simultaneously.The phone comes in metallic silver, gold, red and blue.Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones: smarter, cheaper but don't come with a chargerSamsung Galaxy S21 smartphones: smarter, cheaper but don't come with a chargerSamsung Galaxy S21 smartphones: smarter, cheaper but don't come with a chargerThere are more perks, too, for those willing to shell out for the Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung is offering six free months of Spotify Premium and four free months of YouTube Premium. Customers who buy the phone can also enroll in Samsung’s “Galaxy Z Premier” VIP benefits program, which includes access to Michelin star restaurants and golf and country clubs around the country, among other offerings. You’ll want a case to protect that pricey device. You can get a luxe-looking, brown leather cover for $79.99. And a wireless charger portable battery pack for $59.99 will help ensure your device doesn’t die on you while on the go. Samsung Care+ for the phone costs $11.99 per month. Total: $2,151.96 Samsung Galaxy Buds LiveSamsung Galaxy Buds LiveSamsung Galaxy Buds LiveAudioSamsung’s highest-end, over-the-ear headphones are the AKG N700NC M2 Wireless Headphones, which sell for $299.99. These foldable headphones have up to 23 hours of battery. They’re Android- and iOS-compatible, with the ability to switch between two different Bluetooth devices.For on-the-go, Samsung offers the Galaxy Buds Live for $129.99. They have an ergonomic design, about 6 hours of battery life and can connect to your phone’s smart assistant with just your voice. Two other neat features: just five minutes of charging will get you an extra hour of listening, and “active noise cancellation,” which “reduces background noises” without blocking “what’s important, like voices and announcements,” the company says on its website. They come in bright colors including blue, red and pink. Total: $429.98Samsung Galaxy Watch3 TitaniumSamsung Galaxy Watch3 TitaniumSamsung Galaxy Watch3 TitaniumWatchSamsung calls the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium its “most advanced” smartwatch. It boasts “military-grade durability and water resistance,” a battery that can go for more than a day on a single charge and a 45 millimeter display. Health features include heart-rate monitoring, automatic workout tracking, a sleep monitor and breathing guides to help with stress. Integrated Samsung Pay will help if you forget your wallet at home. The smartwatch is Bluetooth-connected, and Android and iOS compatible. Currently, it’s going for $499.99, rather than the original price of $599.99. A leather watch band will cost you $79.99. For their watch, phone and ear buds, users can also get a UV sanitizer, which doubles as a wireless charger, for $39.99. Total: $619.97Samsung Galaxy Book Flex QLEDSamsung Galaxy Book Flex QLEDSamsung Galaxy Book Flex QLEDComputerThe Galaxy Book Flex QLED is Samsung’s priciest personal computer. It comes in two screen sizes — 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch -— the latter of which totals $1,399.99 without a trade-in. The Galaxy Book Flex features a convertible design that lets it flip from laptop to tablet, a touchscreen QLED display, a 10th generation Intel Core processor and 512 GB of storage. It also has 19 hours of battery life, a Bluetooth enabled stylus and a trackpad that can become a wireless charger for other devices using PowerShare. You can get a 3-year SamsungCare+ protection and support package for $349.99 and a Galaxy Book S pouch for $79.99 to protect your device. For extra storage, you can get a 2 TB portable storage drive for $229.99. And for your home office set-up, you can also get a Samsung 32-inch Smart Monitor with auto-installed Microsoft 365 and a suite of entertainment apps for $369.99. Total: $2,429.95Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+TabletIn case a laptop that doubles as a tablet just isn’t enough for you, Samsung’s Tab S7+ tablet is the highest-end option. It offers a 12.4-inch screen with an edge-to-edge display and a 120Hz refresh rate, as well as 512 GB of memory. The wifi-connected version currently goes for $899.99, and the cell network-connected version costs $1,049.99. It boasts up to 14 hours of video playback on a single charge, and comes with a stylus and four months of ad-free YouTube Premium included. Three years of Samsung Care+ for the device rings in at $159.99.Total: $1,209.98, for the cell network-connected versionSamsung 98-inch Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TVSamsung 98-inch Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TVSamsung 98-inch Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TVTelevisionSamsung is running a promotion on its $99,999.99 98-inch, 8K smart TV (yes, that’s an 8-foot wide television), so it’s currently only $59,999.99. It uses AI to scale graphics up to 8K resolution — 16 times the resolution of full HD. Add four years extended warranty and wall mount service, for a total of $62,669.98. Total: $62,669.98Kitchen appliancesSamsung has long been a household name when it comes to appliances, and in recent years it’s decked out some products, such as the standard fridge, with features like voice control and AI. While Samsung sells “kitchen packages” that include a fridge, gas range, dishwasher and microwave that help you save a few hundred dollars, let’s just posit that you purchase your items separately, over time, as you gradually replace older appliances. The company also charges extra fees to install the appliances and haul away your old ones, as well as for Samsung Care+ coverage. Family Hub RefrigeratorThis 22-cubic-foot smart fridge retails for $4,799, but is on sale for $4,099. It costs slightly more than its bigger cousin, as this shallower version is best suited in kitchens with a narrow fridge space. It costs an extra $129.99 to extend the warranty by three years. Dishwashing robots and Bluetooth masks: Pandemic products hit tech's biggest showDishwashing robots and Bluetooth masks: Pandemic products hit tech's biggest showDishwashing robots and Bluetooth masks: Pandemic products hit tech's biggest showThe fridge works with a water filter that’s compatible only with Samsung’s, and a three pack will set you back $129.99. The Family Hub is a stainless steel fridge that lets you create shopping lists using voice command, and you can see inside it without opening the doors via 3 built-in cameras. Dishwasher Samsung’s matching stainless steel dishwasher retails for $1,049 and is on sale for $749. OvenExcluding Samsung’s bundle deals for an oven and a microwave, the most expensive oven on Samsung’s website goes for $4,199, but it’s on sale for $3,779. You can convert the oven into two sections to cook two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously.MicrowaveSamsung sells a matching smart microwave for $499. CooktopThe 36-inch induction cooktop costs $2,499 and it has a virtual flame that makes it look like a gas stove. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled with digital controls.RangeSay you also want a classic gas range and not just the induction cooktop. Samsung sells a $3,339 gas range that comes with air fry capabilities. Total for Kitchen: $15,223.98Samsung smart washer in black stainless steelSamsung smart washer in black stainless steelSamsung smart washer in black stainless steelLaundry (and miscellaneous)After sprucing up your kitchen, how about some shiny new appliances for the laundry room? Washer-Dryer SetSamsung’s Smart Flex washer and dyer set in black stainless steel typically retails for $3,998 but is currently on sale for $3,597.98. The machines boast the ability to do two separate loads of laundry at the same time. And — if you have kids — the finish is fingerprint resistant. Air DresserThis dresser steams and refreshes your clothes, for a price tag of $1,149. It uses filtered water and can be controlled through the Samsung SmartThings app.VacuumSamsung sells a variety of vacuums. The priciest set costs $748 and includes a stick vacuum with an accessory that automatically empties the dustbin. Samsung also announced a new robot vacuum, the JetBot 90, earlier in January, but did not specify its price. Air PurifierA voice enabled and Wi-Fi connected air purifier goes for $549.SmartThings Wi-Fi PackTo help connect all those devices, Samsung charges $279.99 for three devices that offer mesh Wi-Fi throughout a large home. This router can be the connective hub for all of your smart gadgets and appliances.Total for Laundry (and miscellaneous): $6,323.97How much am I spending? If you really decked out your home and life with Samsung-only products, you would rack up quite a bill. And you’d be locked into using Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby, which came to market later than its competitors from Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN) and Google (GOOGL GOOGLE). You would have a matching stainless steel set of shiny new appliances, though, and a bunch of high-end devices. After adding up the costs of all the home appliances and various Samsung tech gadgets, the shopping list comes to a grand total of $90,879.77, minus installation and other fees for the appliances (the massive TV accounts for most of the cost). For a home to fit all these items, it’ll probably have to be a big one. Grand total: $90,879.77

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