The panel on “The Five” largely criticized the mainstream media for downplaying a “racially charged” attack on Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder who was surrounded by a crowd of violent protesters and had eggs hurled at him by a woman in a gorilla mask while walking in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Geraldo Rivera called the egg tossing woman “deranged” and accused the media of minimizing the violence, but Tyrus was quick to disagree.

“Don’t call her deranged. Don’t call her crazy. She knew exactly what she was doing,” Tyrus remarked.

“Bottom line is this was 100% racist, it was a hate crime, but because the left has pitched him [Elder] as an ‘Uncle Tom,’ anyone who wants small government and fiscal responsibility can’t possibly be Black. 

Tyrus noted the incident was dismissed by CNN and said the network is “not really concerned with racism unless it’s used to support” their narrative, adding, “Democrats largely only support candidates when you agree with them. It’s not racist when you’re against them. It’s literally laughable. We don’t know who this person’s name is. If that would have been during the previous administration, all his [CA Gov Gavin Newsom] questions after that speech he gave yesterday would have been his thoughts on what happened there and did he condemn the attack.” 

Jesse Watters: 'Crickets' from the media over Larry Elder hate crime Video

Dana Perino then castigated Newsom for not stepping up and denouncing the attacks.

“During this campaign, Governor Newsom spent a lot of time saying that Larry Elder is a Black-White supremacist and I think the question should be asked to him, ‘Do you think that’s okay?’ Does saying things like that about opponents, whether they are Black or White, Republican or Democrat,  it’s wrong. Leaders need to be the role models and in this case, that didn’t happen.”


Jesse Watters agreed with Perino that Newsom should have condemned the attack while pointing out Vice President Kamala Harris’ silence on the issue. Watters then argued, “This is how you rig an election in California.”

“You don’t report negative stuff that comes from the left-wing precincts, like this, and at the same time, you just slander the Republican opposition with racial attacks. Black-white supremacists? What does that even mean?”

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