This has been a year full of chaos for everyone ― even the royals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kicked off 2020 by announcing their decision to step back as working royals, signaling there would be a lot of changes ahead. And this was well before anyone saw the coronavirus pandemic on the horizon.

But amidst a year of turbulence, turmoil and sadness, Twitter users still managed to make us laugh.

We rounded up some of the best tweets about royals that struck our funny bone and ― in some cases ― were finger-licking funny.

The best reactions to Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back:

helping prince harry find a new job by endorsing him for microsoft word on linkedin

— broti gupta (@BrotiGupta) January 9, 2020

First time I’ve ever seen someone quit their family, saying it’s to spend more time with their jobs.

— Eric Nelson (@literaryeric) January 8, 2020

real question, is Prince Harry gonna do standup?

— Laurie Kilmartin (@anylaurie16) January 8, 2020

prince harry energy is a new quality we looking for in men.

— tahirah hairston (@tahairyy) January 18, 2020

gonna be extra disingenuous when i tell my therapist for the hundredth time that creating boundaries with my family is “hard" when a couple of royals just did it in an instagram post

— Scaachi (@Scaachi) January 8, 2020


— Quinn Sutherland (@ReelQuinn) January 9, 2020

Here’s the actual note Meghan left on the Queen’s desk.

— Karyne Levy (@karynelevy) January 8, 2020

A year from now Prince Harry really gone have Meghan get a babysitter so she can be in the audience at his Improv 101 class show

— Brittani Nichols (@BisHilarious) January 10, 2020

Meghan Markle holding a Deal or No Deal suitcase but inside it says “I will dismantle the monarchy”

— Erin Auld Lang Ryane (@morninggloria) January 8, 2020

Imagine walking into work on Monday, your boss is like “you need to train the new guy” & you look over & it’s Prince HarryYou need to be so patient w him bc he has no employable skills; he doesn’t even know excel

— Pigeon Fancier (@isabelzawtun) January 10, 2020

proud of meghan markle for yoko ono-ing the royal family

— ziwe (@ziwe) January 8, 2020

a sitcom where Meghan teaches Harry how to do workforce things such as using Turbotax & meal prepping & filling out a W-1, please

— Delia Cai (@delia_cai) January 8, 2020 The best reactions to Prince William staring at a KFC:

William whispered quietly to himself; “Oh, I just can’t wait to be wing”

— KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) October 20, 2020

I’m sad I didn’t call him His Royal Thighness in the main tweet tbh

— KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) October 20, 2020

Find you someone that looks at you the way Prince William looks at KFC. #HisRoyalThighness

— Nicki Mayo (@nickimayonews) October 22, 2020

This would be my type of luck! Hungover, no makeup, scaring children as I looked terrible. Have my first KFC in a 6 months. Attempt to shove a whole burger in my mouth and Prince William or Catherine appeared waving through the glass 😂

— According2Taz (@superscuba83) October 21, 2020 The best reactions to “The Crown”:

My grandma used to get so mad about prince Charles her top lip would curl up in anger at the mention of him lol

— Ashley C. Ford (@iSmashFizzle) November 15, 2020

prince charles invented ghosting and for that we can never forgive him

— katie jo (@katiejoyofosho) November 18, 2020

When did you realize you were hitting The Crown a little too hard, for me it was when I resolved to start collecting Princess Margaret-esque cigarette holders but for joints

— andi zeisler (@andizeisler) December 13, 2020

we already had the peoples princess but im ready to be the people’s big loud bitch

— Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) December 3, 2020

I do have a sincere question. Why are all of our moms constantly talking about Diana? One time my mon CALLED me while I was in college, sighed, and started the conversation with “she was the people’s Princess”

— broti gupta (@BrotiGupta) November 26, 2020

Well, Princess Margaret tried. She really tried to stop the wedding. Mm.

— Morgan Jerkins (@MorganJerkins) November 15, 2020

The Crown season 22: the royals open an Arby’s in suburban Nashville and try to give this whole American thing a go

— Mark Berman (@markberman) January 8, 2020

I hope Meghan Markle plays herself on the next season of The Crown.

— Abbi Crutchfield (@curlycomedy) November 21, 2020 And just the best random royals tweets this year, period:

the royal family should have a blooper reel!!!!!!! i'd kill for an america's funniest home video compilation of the queen tripping over a cord & prince charles getting hit in the balls.

— broti gupta (@BrotiGupta) December 5, 2020

No one asks this of the Royals in interviews, so you’ll never get an answer, but I wonder what Buckingham Palace SMELLS like.

— Abbi Crutchfield (@curlycomedy) January 9, 2020

Does this mean that when the queen dies we can put Meghan Markle on our money instead of Charles

— Anne Thériault (@anne_theriault) January 13, 2020

Desperate to know what on earth queen elizabeth is carrying around in those little purses

— katie jo (@katiejoyofosho) November 18, 2020

here i am meeting kate middleton mere hours after cutting my own bangs

— Anne T. Donahue (@annetdonahue) February 12, 2020

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