Critics of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) say he finally ― and quite accidentally ― had a good idea.

On Tuesday night, Cruz attempted to slam Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“If these guys win, we’re gonna wake up in January with Elizabeth Warren as treasury secretary,” Cruz said on Fox News, referring to the Democratic senator from Massachusetts:

Ted Cruz: If these guys win, we’re going to wake up in January with Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary

— Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) August 19, 2020

But many Twitter users didn’t see that as the threat Cruz intended, given her support of consumer protections and regulations on big banks. Warren is also the sixth most popular Democrat in the nation, according to YouGov, and is even more popular within the party, with 66 percent saying they have either a somewhat or very favorable opinion of her in the organization’s most recent survey.

As a result, Cruz’s critics considered his attack as more of an endorsement:

He says it like its a bad thing

— Santiago Mayer (@santiagomayer_) August 19, 2020

Ted Cruz on Fox just teasingme with things like 'Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of the Treasury." Yes please!

— ANTIFA means Anti-fascist (@ReneeLasswell) August 19, 2020

Don’t threaten me with a good time, Zodiac.

— Benjamin Dreyer (@BCDreyer) August 19, 2020

Don’t tease me!!!!

— Glenn Fleishman (@GlennF) August 19, 2020

Breaking: Ted Cruz endorses Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary of the United States.

— Luca 🦊✨ (@theeunionboy) August 19, 2020

Hey look at @tedcruz campaigning for the Democrats!

— *you're (@RKJ65) August 19, 2020

Ted Cruz accidentally endorses Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Sec

— 🌷 el 🗽🌹 throw away the whole primary (@ElBLogan) August 19, 2020

She’s got a plan for that…

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