Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had a suggestion for unemployed Americans Monday as benefits expired for millions hit hard by the pandemic. Above an article noting the dwindling options now available for the jobless, the lawmaker wrote on Twitter: “Um, get a job?”

“There are millions of vacancies, and small businesses across the Nation are desperate for workers,” he continued.

Um, get a job?There are millions of vacancies, and small businesses across the Nation are desperate for workers.

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) September 7, 2021

Of course, Twitter clapped back. The polarizing politician had it coming. He opposed a minimum wage increase to $15 and a coronavirus aid package that he said would enable “illegal immigrants” and “criminals” to collect stimulus checks. Many in his party argue that the extended unemployment benefits discouraged work ― a claim disputed by economists who say other reasons including a lack of child care have led some people to remove themselves from the workforce.

Cruz got crushed by many Twitter users for his “get a job” comment.

You first.

— The Solar Worf (BLWAM) (@TheSolarWolf1) September 7, 2021

Sure, right after you start doing yours.

— Shelley Stone 🌊🌊 (@Srstone825) September 7, 2021

So let them offer competitive wages, hours, and benefits. Lookin at McDonalds, offering $12 an hour around here, but crap hours, no one wants to work for that

— Swigglesnoot Png debut october 2! (@swigglesnoot) September 7, 2021

Can you tell us where to get a job like yours?✔️says no to everything ✔️on social media all day✔️full healthcare and pension ✔️$175,000 a year ✔️no boss✔️frequent unrelated travel ✔️8 weeks paid vacation ✔️no obligation or objectives ✔️zero loyalty to your constituents

— Ms. Kops (@KopsMiss) September 7, 2021

Um pay a decent wage.

— Mighty Joe ‘Merican (@OutsourcedVfx) September 7, 2021

Have you heard that there is a PANDEMIC? Have you heard that there is a shortage of DAY CARE WORKERS? Do you even know that working class folk don't have nannies to care for their kids? Pass Biden's bill on 21st century infrastructure and see how fast jobs fill.

— The Rev. with Rage Who Supports Biden: MDiv 🌈♈♀️ (@EffieMcAvoy) September 7, 2021

I've been sending resumes out every day for 6 months and haven't gotten a nibble, Ted. I haven't tried McDonald's yet but I can't make enough working there to support my family. So, where are all these jobs you're touting?

— What if (@trix_polly) September 7, 2021

— Hello 🦇 (@ninjaturtlparty) September 7, 2021

I have a master's degree and I've been applying nonstop for 9 months

— Tiffed Tapir ✡ 🏴 (@TiffedT) September 7, 2021

or, go to cancun instead of doing their job? that would be your honest advice

— jb (@jb29928547) September 7, 2021

Sorry we can't all afford Cancun trips at the drop of a hat even with jobs, Ted.

— The Greg Show 🚝 🐒 🧠 🔬 🚀 🌌 🛰️ 🌎 🥊 (@50_Shades0fGreg) September 7, 2021

Do your job! Advocate for fair wages and health benefits for your constituents.

— elmersrevenge (@elmersrevenge2) September 7, 2021 RELATED… National Republicans Strangely Quiet About Texas Abortion Law Ruling Ted Cruz Suggests Biden Administration ‘Persecuting’ Some Capitol Rioters Ted Cruz Hilariously Self-Owns On Live TV And Doesn't Seem To Realize it

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