A leftist professor who posted a racist unhinged tirade against supporters of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, has been suspended by Twitter.

Georgetown Professor C. Christine Fair tweeted threatening remarks over the weekend, directed toward members of Congress, which have led to the social media site blocking her access until further notice.

“Look at thus [sic] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.” Fair tweeted.

“All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps,” Fair added.

“Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.” the professor wrote at the end of the tweet.

Welp. pic.twitter.com/6OTo9uvI15

— Scary Dunleavy ?? (@JerryDunleavy) October 2, 2018

In a statement to reporters, Georgetown University declared that they respect Fair’s right to freedom of speech, while warning that they expect her to keep her classrooms “free of bias.”

“The views of faculty members expressed in their private capacities are their own and not the views of the University. Our policy does not prohibit speech based on the person presenting ideas or the content of those ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable. While faculty members may exercise freedom of speech, we expect that their classrooms and interaction with students be free of bias and geared toward thoughtful, respectful dialogue.”

Following strong backlash to her original tweet, Fair attempted to defend herself, claiming she was a victim of sexual assault.

“I will NOT moderate my rage for YOUR convenience.” Fair wrote, adding “As a VICTIM of assault..I along with millions of women…watch white males gather around a belligerent predator defending his and their privilege. I WILL use words that will make you as I uncomfortable as I am.”

Fair’s victim speech still didn’t have anyone convinced, with other sufferers of abuse putting the professor straight:

I was a victim too.

You know what? I survived. I don't get "uncomfortable" from words.

I do not get "triggered" – because I survived and moved forward.

You should try it – it is a lot more empowering than being a whiny, hate filled wind-bag. pic.twitter.com/3R8AteV8Cx

— Cowgirl Up! (@KeltWitch) October 1, 2018

I too have been a victim. I chose not to let that define me, to hold me back, to hate, to hide. Instead I chose to be a survivor, to get help, to pursue my dreams, to love myself, to move on. Everything in life is a choice shes choosing to stay a victim.

— Amanda B (@5a2166e867a3472) October 1, 2018

Exactly. If you let it define you – you give your attacker more victory.

I will not give one more minute to that cretin. Not one second.

— Cowgirl Up! (@KeltWitch) October 1, 2018

I was sexually assaulted more than once at age 8. As an adult, I've used my energies to assist men who were sexually assaulted as kids by a child psychiatrist. I watched them testify at a criminal trial. Never once did I see them laugh, act helpless. I believe Brett Kavanaugh.

— Victoria Balfour (@VickiBalfour) October 1, 2018

I was a victim too and it's led to me having more compassion for people generally. I dont understand people who want to destroy others who didnt abuse them and blame it on their past abuse and pain. I get mad too, but her total lack of regard for others isnt justified.

— Alabama Annie (@MagaAnnie) October 1, 2018

Drink your Scotch, cupcake….u are out of control. I have been assaulted BUT I AM NO VICTIM. When I got to a safe place, reported the assault to the police. No longer a victim. I happen to love men. I think u have other problems. I will say a prayer u get the help you need

— marilyn – I stand with Kavanaugh (@mpd4256) October 1, 2018

Others lectured the professor on her blanket hatred:

I'm a young white male and I will not cower to your collectivist hatred. I will spend my entire life fighting people like you who look to skapegoat races and genders for your pitiful causes. We will ensure your hate fails along with your band of leftist fascists.

— SJW Watchdog (@SJWWatchdog) October 1, 2018

Have at it sister, you harden my resolve to fight harder against what you represent

— Jen Stroup (@JenStroup) October 2, 2018

You are swinging your experience around as a way to attack and victimize others that have not wronged you.

— Internet Squidposter (@iSquidposter) October 2, 2018

You see ALL white men as potential rapists? How sad for you. Caution is a good thing but seeing ALL white men or ALL of any race of men as potential rapists is sorta sick. I hope you seek help for this problem. You suffer from a broad-sweeping generalization.

— 15caw (@15caw) October 1, 2018

Labeling is also a very dangerous habit. Taking anyone and pigeon-holing them based on race or gender or religion or ethnicity or what they like to eat or drink is prejudice. Choose joy.

— 15caw (@15caw) October 1, 2018

By definition that makes you both a racist and a sexist. Because you can not judge individual people on their merits, I feel very sorry for you.

— FoundingFaith (@FoundingFaith) October 1, 2018

I'm trying to follow the logic here. You were assaulted, therefore Kavanaugh is guilty of assaulting Ford. Is that how you analyze it?

— Robert Woolley (@RandomlyBob) October 1, 2018

Dear Prof Fair,

The fact that you were assaulted by someone does not automatically mean Brett Kavanaugh assaulted Dr. Ford. This is a simple, undeniable reality.

As an academic, I would think you'd be capable of having a discussion based on facts and evidence, not raw emotion.

— BonkPolitics (@BonkPolitics) October 1, 2018

Others noted that the fact this person has power over students is sickening:

Your words are hateful. If a man made those comments about women he would be fired. As a retired school teacher, you make me sick. The thought of you in a classroom is sickening.

— Daryl Smith (@hockeypainter) October 2, 2018

It is not the first time that Fair has spewed such vitriol online.

The Daily Caller notes:

Fair recently came under fire in 2017 when she sent “hateful, vulgar” messages to a former Georgetown professor, Asra Nomani. Nomani claimed Fair began harassing her after she admitted to voting for Donald Trump for president.

“I’ve written you off as a human being,” Fair said in one message. “Your vote helped normalize Nazis in D.C. What don’t you understand, you clueless dolt?”

“‘F**K YOU. GO TO HELL,” Fair wrote in a Facebook post directed toward Nomani.

In January 2018, Fair was stopped and detained after allegedly calling German officers “Nazi police” at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

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